Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Kind of Holiday Cookies Do You Bake?

One of my favorite questions I like to ask this season is "What kind of holiday cookies do you bake?" I love to hear stories about how cookie baking is linked with family traditions. Ashleigh recently spent the night with us and we baked our two must haves for the holidays: molasses and bon bon cookies.

We were introduced to the molasses cookies 30 years years ago when we frequented an antique shop where we lived back then in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The name of the shop was Vivienne's. It had a little galley kitchen in it as it had probably been a home at one time. Vivienne, the proprietor, kept a baggie full of her molasses cookie dough in the refrigerator so she could bake little batches of them while her customers shopped in her store. Not only were they tasty but also the aroma of the spices while the cookies were in the oven made for a pleasant shopping experience. I imagine everyone who tasted them wanted her recipe, as we did, and she was prepared with the card below. I am so glad to have saved it all these years. Baking her cookies each holiday season brings back happy memories for us.

I found the recipe for the pink bonbon cookies in a Good Housekeeping magazine many years ago. It didn't take long for them to become a holiday tradition for us. There are three steps. Here is the recipe.

Many thanks to the home cooking memories blog for showing me how to make a recipe card for you with PicMonkey!

So, what kind of holiday cookies do you bake? I would love to hear and why they are special to you!


  1. Both look equally yummy Patty! I don't bake cookies from scratch yet, but this seems doable. thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that the shopkeeper would bake cookies while you shopped - good sales ploy - but sweet!

    My baking for Christmas is not so much cookies (rolled sugar cookie shapes), but other treats. We make homemade caramels, Frownies (a caramel & chocolate filled brownie), Buckeyes and strawberry bread. Baking will be Sunday and then we will deliver trays to all the neighbors.

  3. Hi Patty just popped over from Tina's blog and seen the lovely cards you make they are beautiful. I want to thank you for these recipes I love the molasses cookie recipe I lost mine and that is exactly like it thank you so much. B

  4. Hi Patty, Your cookies look great! Thanks for sharing the recipes. We don't make nearly as many goodies as we used to - since we're empty nesters now. This year I'll be making cut out sugar cookies, peanut brittle, and toffee. In the past I've also made holly wreaths (with cornflakes), mounds bars, p.b. and choc. fudge, choc. covered peanuts, and spritz. My grandmother's tradition was caramels and divinity. Merry Christmas Patty!

  5. These recipes look awesome....thanks for sharing! I have pinned them for future baking time when school is out on Friday. We bake an assortment of chocolate chip, sugar, and no bake choc/peanut butter. I especially like the easy "forgotten cookies" egg white/sugar and placed in the oven over night after you turn the oven off. Merry Christmas!

  6. I love trying new molasses cookie recipes, so I'll try it at some point during the holidays! We also like date balls and chocolate crinkle cookies.

  7. Molasses cookies is one I have never baked and have always wanted to. Now I have a recipe to try. The Bon Bon Cookies look good too. I typically make several cookies. I just posted a Christmas Baking post.

    Love your picture and recipe cards. Have a wonderful Christmas my sweet friend!

  8. Hi Patty, I wanted to let you know I made your cookies today (both kinds) and they are really delicious! Thanks for sharing. :)


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