Sunday, August 10, 2014

Keep Calm & Be Cool

Livia, who is a dear friend of ours, asked me to help her with a school project. She needed some shapes cut out with the Silhouette Cameo. I was happy to offer my consultation services. :-)

First we cut out the letters for Keep Calm and Be Cool. Since she needed to make two of the same project we thought we would use both the cut out part and the part that the letters were cut out of. That was good use of a piece of paper!

Livia ModPodged everything onto canvas boards.

Here they are after they were taken home and dried.

I was glad to help Livia out especially since I know she is busy getting ready to teach a new group of third graders. I imagine her students will enjoy the Peanuts characters. 

Here's to wishing all school personnel a good year ahead!


  1. Teachers always love getting help with their classrooms.

    Cute projects!

  2. Fun. The students will love them!

  3. nice blog i saw you thrue other bloggers...thanks for sharing!

  4. I've never seen a Silhouette in person, not to mention many of the other cool devices that are used for crafts - but I sure like the outcome. Great project!

  5. Hello from Spain: I really like the drawings of Snnopy. In my country it is fashionable. Great work. Keep in touch

  6. So cute! The children will like them also. I am sure she appreciated your help.

  7. What a great idea! I wouldn't mind doing something similar for grand baby Sarah room....when I come to see you!

  8. How lucky she is to have a friend with a Silhouette! So cute, the kids will love them!



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