Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Happy List: Family Fun & a Winner!

Ashleigh and her friends spent a few days on a house boat and had a wonderful time. As they posted pictures on Facebook, I had the thought of making little journals for the girls so they could preserve their memories. I couldn't wait for Ashleigh to return so I could give them to her.

We waited and waited to hear from Ashleigh after the boat trip only to find that she and her boyfriend acquired a dog the day after they returned. Needless to say, they were quite busy becoming new parents. Tangerine, or Tangy, was named after a Led Zeppelin song and she has an orange cast to her fur. I cannot wait to meet her. I have never been a dog lover due to my childhood tragedy (bit by German Shepherd on my face) but I am going to make every effort to get to know Tangy and love her too.

My daughter Ashleigh with her new dog, Tangerine.

Before Ash left for her trip, Dan cooked one of our favorite recipes I have already shared with you. The Balsamic Chicken and Vegetables was as delish as ever. I had to laugh when Ash plopped mine on my plate. I decided it was so pretty that I had to take a photo of it because it looked like it was prepared at a fine restaurant. And wouldn't it be nice if all servings were of this small size?

Now I have some happy things on my list about my hubby, Dan. Since he travels so much with Delta, he accumulates alot of points. When he reaches a certain status, he can choose a gift. He always chooses the Tiffany gift card for me. What a sweetie! I have a little collection of silver Tiffany pieces, thanks to Dan and Delta. This time I chose the ball earrings.

With Dan being the husband of the year, he finally listened to my request for him to purchase a bicycle so we can ride together. He'd been saying for years that he would do it, so when we took my flattened wheel to the bike shop for repair, we took a look at the bikes and one thing led to another...

The day we brought it home, it rained. But it's not going to rain on our parade. We will be riding together very soon!

And now for the winner of my giveaway with Ball canning jars - according to, it's #10, Jolene! Congrats, Jolene! And many thanks to those who participated in the drawing.

What's on your happy list this week?


  1. Pretty earrings - very classy! Congratulations to the winner.
    I would not even attempt to get on a bike any more. LOL

  2. Congrats to the winner! And, congrats to you on your new bike! How fun! My hubby and I have cruiser bikes that we love to go for rides on. We even go out for breakfast or dinner sometimes on our bikes. :-) Have fun!

  3. A new nice! You will love it and get a lot of use out of it. It's a fun way to exercise and build muscles! Congrats to your winner! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. I was also bitten by a dog on the face so I understand your fear! Enjoy your bikes.

  5. Patty, I am not a total lover of dogs either. I was bitten as a child by the neighbor terrier. But I am nice to dogs. just always a bit leary. My favorite dog is the one that is trained , not to bark all the time. LOL. My neighbor in town let her dogs bark all the time. drove me to move. Good luck , your daughter looks happy with tangy. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Patty, what a fun post. I was scared to death of dogs too (Got bit as a kid) Until my son got a dog and oooohhhh....Not only do I love that dog, I now like all dogs...Crazy, but it can happen. OMG that would be so exciting if you made it down for the Polka Dot Flea!


  7. That a thoughtful Mama you are, to make those journals for the kids. And Tangy is adorable. I am sure she will be a very calm little girl for you to get to know and love.
    Hooray for the bikes!!!
    XO Kris

  8. Hi Patty, What a nice week! A friend of mine once had a houseboat. I never stayed all night, but I spent time with her and it was cool! How nice of Dan to get you Tiffany giftcards! Husband of the year for sure! :)
    My happy list this week: my daughter and grandson visiting from another state, a nice day trip Weds, state fair on Thurs, and good friends visiting us Sat.

  9. Oh, Kera has earrings like those. She had to replace them because she lost them years ago. She loved them so much she just had to replace them. I am happy to see Dan has a bike now too, how exciting to go riding with one another, some day after my total knee replacements I will get to do that with Todd too. He keeps talking about buying me a bike but I keep reminding him I cannot ride one with my knees. Your dinner does look like a gourmet chef cooked it for you! Your daughter is just too adorable. Thanks for the give-away. I have some special ideas to use the jars besides canning, oh you bet we might be using them for that because you know we do can our garden but watch for a couple of post on the creative side of the jars too. I am so excited to receive Patty Pretty's as well! Thank you again!

  10. Sorry to hear of your childhood dog incident. I'm sure Tangerine is a sweetie. Hope you have grand weather for a bike ride very soon. Best wishes, Tammy


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