Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red, White & Blue Jeans

My 4th of July table was put together with things I already had in the house. I was looking for a blue table runner when I remembered that Dan had recently gotten rid of a bunch of his clothes when we cleaned our master bedroom closet a few weeks ago.

I kept the old jeans because I knew I could get some use out of them somehow for some future project! I got my seam ripper out and opened the outer seams of the legs and laid them out flat on a table. Then I cut out the bulk of the zipper/pocket areas and folded the ends down under the centerpiece so it would look like it they were sewn together. It's all one piece with raggedy edges.  

I got out my die cut machine to make 

a bowl of sparkly stars.

When I was cleaning the laundry room the other day, I took this bicycle off the wall to clean it. It sat on the counter for a few days and I kept telling myself I needed to clean it and get it back up on the wall. But at the spur of the moment I thought it would help make a nice 4th of July centerpiece. So I got busy scurrying around the house looking for red white and blue things to make my tablescape.

The bow is one of Dan's old ties! He will be surprised when he sees how much he helped with this tablescape! I want to make a tie wreath sometime because I have about 16 of them to play with. (I finally made the tie wreath and posted about it here.)

The geranium plant was in the laundry room too. Sometimes it pays to clean a room! You never know what ideas you will come up with! I have had this big red square bowl for awhile. It has two smaller bowls that sit inside it. Just love the red.

I found a few other items to add to my table after I wrote this post. This subway art is a free printable from Life Made Simple.

Also, when I was putting Muffy Vanderbear away, I saw that she has some red, white and blue, so I brought her back out.

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July!


  1. hi Patty! Thank you for visiting me! I LOVE your blue jean idea! Inspiring and I plan to borrow your idea...maybe make some pillows too.! Happy Fourth! Sunny109

  2. Hi Patty,
    What a creative tablescape! I like the denim and the little bike with the geranium! Very cute idea! Thank you for your visit and Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Fourth of July!


  3. Hi Patty! I love all of you patriotic decor. Such a clever idea to use a pair of jeans. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and thanks again for your visit to my blog.

  4. I love how you recycled our hubby's jeans....and repurposed that cute bike and plant! How clever of you! And the bowl of starts....what a special touch!

    HPS and Happy 4th! dana

  5. You are so clever!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I love it!! I have lots of old jeans that I save for projects. I love the bike centerpiece, too.

  7. Patty, who would have thought to use jeans for a table runner? This is great! Your tablescape is lovely!

  8. Are you suggesting I should not mend my husband's favourite jeans but make a table runner instead? Great idea!


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