Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pioneer Days

Don't you just love the fall festivals? Today was such a beautiful day. Dan and I drove to the small town of Shelbyville to help celebrate Pioneer Days. I just got a new camera, so I couldn't imagine a better place to practice taking pictures. I played with the different effects. There was so much to see!

an early John Deere wagon

a red barn, of course!

 pottery being created with a foot-pedaled potter's wheel

a little cabin, home of Thomas A Hendrick, vice president under Grover Cleveland

in the cabin...herbs from the garden

a night light

a pretty display that could be a painting


outside...candle making with beeswax

blacksmiths at work

a woman making natural dyes - she used pumpkins, onion skins and black walnuts in the process

a pretty arrangement of field flowers

dyed yarn

ornaments made with the dyed yarn

knitted chickens filled with gourds

and pretty embroidered pieces

pies baking over the campfire - note the ashes covering the lid on the left which keep heat at the top

We sampled root beer floats and apple butter on freshly made fried biscuits.

Doesn't the watermelon look delicious and refreshing?

also, fresh baked bread

And there was music.

I especially enjoyed playing with the camera's selective color feature.

Love the pink dress and the lamb.

There were horses and a sweet little donkey

and the boy with a duck.

 God Bless America!

Love the red truck

and the pumpkin.

 And finally, it was time to go home.

I hope you get to enjoy a fall festival this year, too.


  1. What a fun festival! I love what you did with your photos, Patty. This is a very pretty post!

  2. Well I GREATLY enjoyed your festival as well as all of the fooling around with your new camera...:) Loved the photos! :)

  3. Such fun! So many beautiful things ~ food, flowers, the people, animals, etc.
    Thanks for sharing ~


  4. That looks like a fun day! And I could tell that you were having some great fun with your photos. The mosaics were terrific. Loved the first one most especially.

  5. Thanks for taking us along to the festival with you! ~ Maureen

  6. Hi Patty! Thank you for linking up in my Beautiful Sunday series. You made me happy.

    I enjoyed every picture captured for this post. Everything looks so artistic, refreshing and elegant. As a person who grew up in the city, I always appreciate pictures and sceneries that gives me a refreshing and laid back atmosphere. Among the pictures, I love the red barn and all those outdoor activities.

    I hope to see you again on Sunday. Have a great week ahead!

  7. This looks like a perfect day!

    Now I have to play with my camera and see if it has a "selective color" setting.
    You did a great job with effects.

  8. Oh, that looks like such a fun day! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  9. We love going to festivals like this! It's so interesting to see people working on their craft. Your photos are amazing! Do you mind telling me how you did the 2 colors? I know how to do a black and white focal...where you have a circle around something you want to have color. But your photos are amazing!

  10. I'm certainly interested in 'egg gourds' now. I like the chickens on the shelf that were knitted. I'm wondering if they are utilitarian or decorative? What is an egg gourd, did you ask? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I love Fall festivals and farmer's markets...and Heritage Days! We've been to some. This year would be a wonderful time to go, as we're having an unusually cool September for Texas!

    ...I should find one and put it on my calendar! came here via SSS life, You were featured from last weeks hop!

  11. What stunning photos!!!!! I certainly enjoyed my visit here!!!

  12. What a delightful day filled with American history. So many fascinating images and reminders of how things were in the days of the pioneers. I come from pioneer stock and have a special place in my heart for this period in our nation's history.


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