Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ace Wrapped Wreath

We decided we needed to spruce up the clinic a bit so we made a wreath out of Ace bandages. This wreath was made like one I made in a former posting here.

We added a pen in the form of a shot we received at a nurse convention to the bow.

 It's a fun and whimsical thing to have around while we work.  

Here are the two wreaths I made side by side.


  1. Great idea Patty! I love that the wreath comes with a pen and the ribbon is situated on the side

    Have a great week!

  2. How Cute! Perfect for a medical office.

  3. Now thats a conversation wreath at work! Creative idea.

  4. Hi Patty! So nice to hear from you....thank you for the sweet comments! What a creative and fun wreath to make! It looks fabulous! You must work with a great crew that loves to be imaginative! And yes, I hope you go to see the parade next year in Lebanon, O! It doesn't disappoint! I'll be keeping in touch! Roxie


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