Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grandma's Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

I used to love to visit my Grandma on Christmas Eve. I knew she would greet us with her ham and cheese sandwiches. Grandma died when Danny was a baby which has been almost 30 years ago, but her sandwiches still live on with us. We have them not only during the holidays but throughout the year as well. Here is her recipe right out of my cookbook.

Kroger does not make the kitchen buns anymore so I look for something small to use like dinner rolls or small buns. (I wanted to keep the recipe just as she wrote it.) 

Here they are before baking them. After baking, the cheese is melted and the mixture is a delight to the senses...and tummy.

Here is a cheery holiday picture I have on my kitchen counter. We received it as a Christmas card several years ago from my brother and SIL. I just had to frame it because it is so pretty and glittery. It makes me happy as I prepare meals in the kitchen.

Try the sandwiches - you will love 'em!

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