Sunday, December 9, 2012

White Deer & a Happy Family

I have written before about our beautiful Indianapolis airport. While I waited to greet my husband at the gate after his long trip home from Singapore, I couldn't help but take some pictures of this beautiful sight.

I think airports are very exciting places! I love to watch others anxiously wait for their people to come through the gate. I see mothers with their newborn babies coming to visit grandparents, soldiers coming home on leave to their sweethearts and business men and women coming home from a busy business week.

Last night there was the most interesting group of people waiting for their special someone to come through the gate. It was a large crowd of families, somehow connected. One lady was holding a sign with an unfamiliar name on it and there were children playfully running around to pass the time. Who was the special someone they were waiting for, I thought? Was it a movie star? A famous athlete? Soldiers? Do you sometimes wonder about people like this when you are out somewhere?  Are you nosey like me?

Finally I heard a cheer as a man and woman came through holding a little baby girl. The nurse in me thought, did the little girl have a special medical treatment and they were happy to see her come home? I still had questions. So I wandered among the group and asked one of the men what was going on. He said his brother and wife are just coming home from adopting a baby girl from another country. After finding that out I congratulated him and joined in the happiness - there was so much love in that big space and it was a pleasure to see it.

I was so caught up in the joy that I missed my husband coming through the gate. I waited and waited and finally checked my phone and saw a text from him saying "Where are you?" He was waiting in front of our favorite restaurant where we were to have dinner. We could see each other from across the lobby. In front of the restaurant I felt like an excited child as I began to tell what I had just observed. He interrupted my story (I know it was due to the jet lag - he never interrupts otherwise LOL) and said, "Oh, I think a little baby girl was adopted." I couldn't help but laugh at how much trouble I went through trying to find that out! I remembered the sign with the sweet little name on it - I wish I could remember what it was now.


  1. I love white for Christmas, love those deer! Cute story about the baby. Have a great weekend! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  2. What a very special Christmas that family will have!

  3. Thanks for sharing that great story.
    Glad your husband made it back ok - enjoy your time together.

  4. Patty,
    This is such a lovely beautiful as your pictures. It sounds like that little girl has a lot of happiness in front her. I am a little weepy now. ;)

  5. Hi Patty! I also love airports. Call me weird but it serves as one of my favorite places on earth. I love observing people, which has their own unique story. The story of adoption is indeed the sweetest and priceless. I admire people who embraced the idea of adoption. This proves that love indeed knows no boundaries. As we often say here, when you adopt a child, it's good as saying that you have conceived someone from your heart.

  6. Well I come to visit you and you nearly made me cry - that couple in the airport with the baby girl was us just over 15 years ago!!! You brought back such powerful and wonderful memories. All our family and friends were waiting, holding balloons and signs, too, and they were all so excited (as we dragged off the plane with jet lag and so exhausted :) Seriously though, thanks for sharing this, what joy - for them and for me :) Hugs ~ Mary

  7. What a lovely tree in your airport. And what a beautiful story. That little girl will have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Beautiful story, beautiful decorations! Did you know that there are real live white deer? There is a herd somewhere in Wisconsin. They would blend in quite well with the snowfall - lol
    Christmas blessings, Beth

  9. What a gorgeous tree and lovely photos. Such a sweet, sweet story... what a special Christmastime they will all have!

  10. Hi Patty,

    What a wonderful story and I'm so glad you were able to enjoy in the happiness of it all. A new beginning for this family and sweet little girl. The decorations in your airport are just lovely. A winter wonderland ...

  11. Just now linking over from Beautiful Sunday. Wow, that vignette doesn't look like it belongs in an's stunning! What a sweet story about the little girl being brought home just in time for Christmas. I bet Santa doesn't bring her a thing, poor baby! ;P



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