Thursday, January 17, 2013

See's Candies Store Opening

As a member of the Indianapolis Bloggers, I was invited to a blogger/media night for the opening of a See's Candies store. Boy was this a sweet treat!

I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The company was very generous in allowing us to sample the delicious chocolates. My favorite was the raspberry cream!

Just in time for Valentine's Day which they said is their biggest day of the year!

I learned that you can have a free chocolate each time you visit the store.

Also, you can pack your own box with your favorite pieces.

This is bordeaux, their most popular piece of chocolate! 
It has a creamy brown sugar soft center covered in chocolate and
decorated with chocolate rice.

We got to pack a box to take home I Love Lucy style. Also, we received a goody bag with tons more chocolate in it and a history book of the company! See's Candies of San Francisco is expanding to the eastern states. For more information, you can go here. Indianapolis Bloggers wrote about this grand opening here.


  1. Sadly have never seen these chocs here in UK but sure we do have an awful lot of sweeties to tempt us anyway. Lovely photos.

  2. All I can say is WOW! Wish I'd been there! Joan

  3. Patty,
    Sounds and looks like a wonderful night of sweets. The bordeaux looks scrumptious! I'm a true lover of chocolate, so I would have loved to have been there with you.

  4. Love their candy! They open a temporary store here during the holidays - probably a good thing it is not open year round.

  5. Sees Candies come to the malls during Christmastime. I remember the stores from my childhood in California - love the lollipops! Happy for you!

  6. Being from the West Coast, we have long been Sees fans. Every special occasion is marked by a trip to Sees. What a wonderful opportunity for you!

  7. Now THIS is my kind of event. I love See's!

    Have a lovely winter wonderland weekend!

  8. Oh my...See's candy and chocolates are soooooo good. I know that was a great event.

    Steph ♥

  9. I am visiting through the blog hop -- and had to stop and gawk at your See's! We got one last year in Colorado Springs, which is close enough to me to be dangerous! I'm from SF, and my uncle/godfather worked for See's his entire career -- 30 years. So See's has been a part of my life forever...and it feels like 'home'! Thanks for posting all the photos!


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