Monday, February 11, 2013

Blue Die Shoes

When I planned a baby shower for my grandson, I had to find a way to put sneakers in it. That is because my son is crazy about shoes, especially sneakers! He loves them so much he wore them on his wedding day. 

So when I saw this die template for sneakers in our teacher workroom, I was tickled pink - well maybe tickled, blue?

The die included the holes for shoestrings, so I played until I came up with a plan. I decided to make them three dimensional by putting two pieces together so I could tie the ribbon shoe strings. I punched a hole at the back of the shoe so I could hang them onto something.

I tied one to the top of the cake plate that would hold the cupcakes.

I loved incorporating the sneakers into my grandson's baby shower. It was so special.


  1. How cute!
    One of my nephews (and his best man)wore tennis shoes with tux when he got married.

  2. Those are darling! What a perfect addition to the baby shower this will be!!
    xo kris

  3. Sadly I have never been to/or had a baby shower. They are pretty rare in UK and only heard of a few recently - maybe they will catch on. Look like fun.

  4. How adorable! I bet your son loved this. I like the little cupcake onesies, too!!! :D Such a cute shower.

  5. What a great labor of love, Patty! Those little shoes are adorable and I also enjoyed seeing the fun pictures of your son and his bride. Thanks for sharing at my Monday Makeover party! I always enjoy your visits!


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