Friday, March 1, 2013

Christmas Ornament Wreath

This month I am going to show you an ornament wreath I made like many we have seen on Pinterest. I really had a blast creating this wreath. It's a fun and easy project to make.

I purchased these plastic ornaments at the drug store after the holidays for $5. I had the 12 inch wreath form and the two inch ribbon on hand. The only other things required were a hot glue gun and a pipe cleaner.

I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath form and periodically glued it into place because I didn't want the green to show through.

Once I got going glueing the ornaments on, I forgot to take more pictures! I removed the gold caps that hold the ornaments onto the tree - they came off quite easily with a simple twist. I started by gluing a row of ornaments around the lower outer wreath form so that the ornaments laid flush with the table.

Then I glued more on wherever they seemed to fit. I didn't mind the ribbon showing, in fact, I liked when the ribbon showed through.

Finally, I twisted a red pipe cleaner to make a loop and glued it on the back for hanging. Different colored and sized ornaments can be used for this wreath. This package of same-sized ornaments had 4 different textures which added interest to mine. 

It only took about an hour to make and it will add a nice holiday touch to our home when December comes around!

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  1. Patty, your dedication to the monthly Christmas projects make me smile every time, this is a little silly but it makes me happy :) Your wreath is very pretty, I like the glowing ornaments!

  2. Your wreath is really beautiful, Patty!

  3. Very nice, I was just thinking how this would be fun to do with Easter eggs too!

  4. Hi Patty, Thanks for visiting and commenting about my 'Tricycle Diaper Cake' This turned out so nice! Love the different textures on the ornaments. You are so smart to be doing monthly Christmas projects. It sounds like a great way to be ready for Christmas.
    Have a Wonderful Night,
    Pieced Pastimes

  5. Your wreath turned out nice! Good Job

  6. Patty,
    I enjoy making wreaths and I am always looking for new ideas-this is a great one!


  7. I tried to leave a comment a couple of minutes ago, but it did not seem to make it through. Love your wreath!

  8. Your wreath is lovely and will add a wonderful touch to your Christmas decor.
    I bought a couple of packets of similar balls in gold and white.
    I put them into a lovely flat glass bowl - it sat on my large coffee table and everyone commented!

    I love Kim's idea of an Easter Egg wreath too!
    Shane ♥

  9. It turned out really nice and sounds like a fun project to make. I'm impressed at your head start to Christmas! ;-)

  10. Who says its too early to start Xmas? As it would be the most awaited time of the year, having a monthly Xmas decor project is great! Thank you for sharing your project in my shy Beautiful Sunday series. Wishing you a great week ahead Patty!

  11. Patty, I love your wreath! And using plastic ornaments is inspired. I get nervous when I see those wreaths that are made from vintage glass ornmanents - one bad move and bye-bye wreath!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  12. This turned out so cute. I love using a glue gun and what a great idea to use a pipe cleaner to hold it. I'll have to try that! Hugs!


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