Sunday, March 10, 2013

Green CopyCats

This little clover made out of a pipe cleaner and pony beads was simple and fun to make. I made a bunch so I can give some away to my colleagues this week while at work.

I used 2 different kinds of green pipe cleaners as you can see. I found inspiration and directions here.

I sewed green buttons onto a BINGO card. My inspiration came from Bonnie's blog Cool Age Candy. I enjoyed sewing them on with 3 strands of green floss. I'm not sure what I am going to do with this but it was a fun project to explore and make as I love the color green, buttons and BINGO cards.

I made this simple wreath after being inspired by one here.

This is the first time I have spray painted a grapevine wreath. I figure I can turn it into a spring wreath after next Sunday. I am ready for St. Patrick's Day now!

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  1. I love the sharmack pin you made for your friends at work..I want one too! I made sharmacks for my napkin rings too..I had some fun, wish my grands were here so we can make fun stuff, like green cupackes, lol..Have a happy St. Patty's week.

  2. The bingo card is adorable - maybe in a shadow box frame?

  3. Wow! You had a busy weekend crafting! Everything's so cute -- including the hat!

  4. :D What adorable St. Patricks Day crafts!!! I love the idea for the bouquet.

    I have only decorated our dining room table for St. Patrick's Day, and that's it!


  5. I love the shamrock pins--they're really cute and sparkly. You are really creative and busy!

  6. You have been a busy little leprechaun! Love all your projects and I think the hat is adorable. Whenever I'm not satisfied with one of my handmade items, a sweet friend always reminds me that it's the little imperfections that makes them special, so you know they are handmade with love. Look forward to reading more about the shower soon!

    Thanks for sharing at A New Creation!

  7. Great green post. I play bingo with other seniors, but we never played with buttons. In years past, we played with corn kernels tho.

  8. You are very clever .I like the all your St Pats things .Did you wear the hat?
    HPS Laura

  9. look at all of these wonderful things! happy st patrick's day and happy pink saturday! xo

  10. Very artistic.

    Hopping by from Pink Saturday.

    My PINK
    Your comment is always appreciated.

  11. All of your crafts are wonderful. I've never thought about painting a grapevine wreath but you've got me wondering what I might be able to make for Easter! I love that Bingo card! Next year may find one of those at my house for St. Patrick's Day!
    Have a lovely weekend,


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