Thursday, March 7, 2013

Matchbox Swap

I am swapping matchboxes with Andria of Drawing Near. I had never done this before so I had to do some research on how to make a matchbox. Then I would have the fun of decorating and filling it.

I researched matchboxes online and watched YouTube videos on how to make them from scratch. There were measurements given to help me create one, but then I found Rachel Johnson's template which had the box and cover all drawn out making it very easy for me. Thank you, Rachel for saving me some time!

I told Dan I was going to do this and he pulled out this matchbox that was sitting around. I thought, is it really going to be this small?

So I placed it on Rachel's template and saw that it was!

I cut out the pieces for the matchbox

and used my scoring tool to make the folds bend easily. Rachel included instructions for cutting and folding the box on her template. I used green cardstock because I have St. Patty's Day on my mind.

I used glue and the little clothespins from the baby shower came in handy in holding the pieces together while they dried! 

Next came the fun part - decorating and filling the box! I had this wide ribbon that would still allow some of the green to show.

and I had this little yellow stitched ribbon and a sterling silver pendant that Andria can put on a chain if she so desires.

I wanted to put a little St. Patty's Day picture under the ribbon and found this vintage girl on The Graphics Fairy blog. I shrunk the girl down pretty small so she would fit on top of the matchbox.


I read where you can fit lots of stuff into these little matchboxes. I thought it would be fun to see what I could find around the house. Dan has lots of coins from his travels. Also, I have a collection of pretty buttons I have accumulated over the years. So I filled 'er up!

I got alot of satisfaction in creating something from things I already had around the house. I hope Andria enjoys this little St. Patty's Day matchbox. I am eager to see the one she sends my way!


  1. The most adorable match box! Love the St. Patty's green girl, she makes me smile :)

  2. Your matchbox is just darling! You know, I've never heard of making these. What an intricate little project. Very sweet. I'm sure the person that receives it will LOVE it.

  3. You are extremely crafty and talented! I mean it. Gorgeous work. Hugs, sandie

  4. Your matchbox is adorable! I love the little baby doll. We used those on cupcakes for our oldest daughter's baby shower and had a lot of fun posing them in the frosting.

  5. Your matchbox project looks like a lot of fun! The swap sounds like a fun idea too. I wonder what the matchbox you're going to receive will look like and what will be in it?! I hope you'll blog about it. Is this a party that's going on with lots of bloggers or just the one person you're swapping with? I see things like this on blogs all the time and wonder where everyone finds them. What fun!

  6. I never heard of this either, but what an adorable, tiny project!

  7. I'm a lucky lady, Patty! I love the matchbox that you made. You used the same template I found when I tried to make my own, but as you probably noticed, I used an existing matchbox for our swap. I have some paper folding practice to do! I love the goodies you included inside, and the charm on the front. So much goodness in such a tiny package. Thanks for swapping with me!

  8. What a delightful swap Patty.
    I love the matchbox you made and thank you for such a great tutorial - beautifully presented!
    I have that sweet image waiting for some inspiration - I've been flat out making other things and can't quite get my head around green at the mo!!LOL
    I'll have to get a wriggle on.
    Thank you for sharing.x
    Shane ♥

  9. So fun! I have decorated matchboxes and given them as gifts along with a tealight candle that I've placed inside my recycled candle jars with crocheted cover. One of my co-workers even squealed with delight when I gave her a set. She couldn't believe I had decorated the matchbox. She said I remind her of her grandmother. Ha! Since I'm only 7 years older than her, I will take that as a compliment. Obviously her grandmother loved making things. :) Glad you received my card. I sent about 8 that day and then couldn't even remember who I sent them to since I had given them to my husband to mail. I must get more organized so I know what I'm doing. Have a great weekend. Tammy P.S. You should visit Kimmie at Art in Red Wagons: She makes the most wonderful filled matchboxes and then wraps them up in the most creative ways. :)

  10. I love making matchboxes! Old postage stamps are a great size to add as a decoration. I even have some for sale on Etsy! They make cute little gifts and decorations. Yours is great!

  11. How darn cute! Love the wee baby in there too!

  12. Oh, that is so cute! I never thought about using clothes pins when gluing. Now I have a new idea. Thanks.

  13. You probably know by now how much I love little things. Your matchbox is both creative and adorable. What a treasure!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  14. You talented girl, you! I would probably have used a matchbox I had on hand and covered it. And that wouldn't have been nearly as wonderful as the one you made from scratch. You did a wonderful job!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  15. Patty, you are so talented. This is adorable and no easy feat. I love what you filled it with, xo

  16. What an adorable project, Patty, and your matchbox is so lovely. I'm sure Andria will love it. I hope you post the one you receive from her. Thank you for showing the template. I'm going to try this myself!

  17. Cute, cute matchbox. Love the colours you have used and especially that stripy ribbon.


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