Monday, March 11, 2013

Treasures in the Mail

I received my matchbox from Andria of Drawing Near in the mail this week as we participated in a matchbox swap. I love the birds on the outside. They make me think of spring that hopefully will be arriving soon. 

Look at the package in which it arrived. Obviously I had to cover the personal stuff, but I didn't know we could send something in the mail like this! I learned something new about packaging. How cool is this!!

decorated labels via PicMonkey
I couldn't wait to see what was inside the matchbox! It looked pretty green in there!

Look at all the sweet treasures that were in the little box. I was like a child checking out every single piece!

The ends of the box were even green! What a great idea to make words out of a label maker. Andria is an experienced matchbox swapper!

A pair of googly eyes with a gem, bingo chip and a circular paper clip.

Here are our matchboxes, side by side. We talked about using a St. Patty's Day theme and it's interesting how I used green on the outside and Andria used it on the inside!

More about my matchbox can be found here.

I think I'm in love with matchboxes now and may want to start collecting them. Thank you, Andria, for swapping with me!


  1. I love those match boxes! How fun they must be to make and receive! Your little gift from T's Daily Treasures is really cute and so sweet. How wonderful to get such great things in the mail. :-)

  2. How fun!! That "envelope" is too cool. I have a sheet of that bird paper; have used it a lot. Making matchboxes is addictive! Thanks for sharing.

  3. P.S. Did you save the Kuwait stamp? Would be great on a matchbox!!

  4. So fun! What a darling treat to receive in the mail!!

  5. You must be very happy! Love the little green hands, they are so cute :)

  6. Wow! You DID have a great week with "happy mail"! I just love swapping as it really gets you to think creatively and gives you the all important deadline! Your swapmate did such a great job with yours especially with the way it arrived in the mail. Clever! And I know she was just as thrilled to receive yours! My favorite color combination... green, black and white! And the tiny baby inside? Gave me the giggles!!!

  7. Oh my, Patty, what wonderful little treasures in these beautiful matchboxes! They are all so pretty and just delightful. You did a beautiful job on your matchbox. You are right, it is amazing how creative one can get with what used to be just plain packaging. How beautiful everything is and I'll bet you felt like a kid with all those neat little tidbits. Thanks for sharing all these great things!

  8. I came over from Andria's blog. Lovely pictures of the matchbox! Hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day!

  9. Hi Patty, the matchboxes are so sweet. I can't believe they actually make it through the mail system without being squashed. :) Of course, that would never happen traveling from this distance. Heck, I'm lucky when any of the mail I send out actually makes it to its intended destination. I'm glad you received the little heart. A little something else went in the mail to you the other day -- so be on the lookout in the next 6 weeks. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  10. I love how you featured the matchboxes, take such lovely photos! Thanks for such a fun swap.


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