Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jingle Bell Wreath

Each month I am making something new to add to my Christmas decorations for 2013. This time I want to show you my jingle bell wreath. 

The bookstore at my high school was getting rid of stuff and offered it to the school staff. So I went down and found these gold jingle bells. I was especially excited because they were the large sized ones that I had been seeking.  

I decided to spray paint them silver so they would match the smaller bells I already had in with my current Christmas decorations. You can see they are lighter in color and have a satin appearance rather than the shiny smaller ones I already had. I like the difference in finishes so it worked for me. As you can see I used florist wire and made little groupings of the bells. I have 8 bells of various sizes in each group.

I spread out all of my Christmas decorations in the basement so I could take an inventory of what I have and what I especially liked. I went through everything and found that I no longer liked this wreath, so I took it apart. 

Then I thought about putting the bells on it. I wired them onto the wreath

and added a touch of red with a simple ribbon.

I have more clumps of bells I am planning on putting on the Christmas tree.

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  1. I love the simplicity, Patti, and I love how you are sharing your Christmas projects with us year-round. This is so pretty.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter.
    Browsing your other posts now.

  2. Very pretty jingle bell wreath. I love how you re purposed items for it. That is how I love to do it too. What a great plan you have to make on Christmas thing each month!

  3. I also loved that you kept it simple Patty. It shows up the beauty of the wreath. Those little jingle bells are cute:)


  4. It looks great! And, I like the difference in finishes on the bells too. I love your idea of making a new Christmas item each month. I'm so tired of all our old decorations and need to new ones to make it all more exciting again. Maybe I should start doing something like this. Hmmmmm?!

  5. Pretty!! I need to go thru and clean out/redo some of my decor also - someday.

  6. That is darling! I just can't think about Christmas in any other month than December!
    : ( Kris

  7. Now that's planning ahead! I like your Jingle Bell wreath. The little red ribbon is just the perfect touch of red. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. What a lovely wreath! I love that you were able to find the bells cheaply and just repaint them - I'll have to keep that in mind. This will be such a fun wreath to hang, especially on a door!

  9. This is so pretty Patty! I love how you are working away well ahead of Christmas! So much less stress to do things this way. Have a lovely week! Angie xo

  10. You are SO, SO, SO smart to be taking care of new Christmas decor little by little throughout the year instead of waiting until Thanksgiving when you'd be in a time crunch! That makes SO much sense to me! It's great that you were able to get those bells, and I'm impressed that you did such a good job of painting them silver! They look so smooth!!! You are right on time and in step with the whole reduce, re-use, recycle thing. I'm proud of you! :-) The wreath looks great!!! It will look really cool and streamlined with your tree when you put the clusters of bells on it!

    Have a good weekend!

  11. Wow Patty, you really are getting a head start. That's the way to do it girl! I used Jingle bells in some of my decor last year. Never tire of them. I am much more a silver gal than gold. Great idea to paint them!

  12. This is so cute and I love that you are so organised! I'm going to follow you so I can keep up with your Christmas projects!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  13. What a cute wreath - great idea to recycle an old one, too!


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