Friday, May 3, 2013

Sew a Jewelry Pouch

Here is another project I have been pining to sew: the jewelry pouch.

It all began with this fabulous pattern with instructions I found here. Good thorough instructions are given there but I will highlight a few things here.

Two circles of two sizes are cut and sewn with 1/4 inch seam. But before sewing the seams together, a buttonhole is made on the outer larger piece of fabric. I kept forgetting that so I had to rip seams a few times! The buttonhole is sewn on the outer side only. I think I will make two buttonholes next time so I can insert two drawstrings to make it close easier.

This is the completed inside. You can see the triangular pouches that will hold the jewelry.

Here is the outside piece with the buttonhole.

A casing is sewn for my ribbon drawstring.

It was made out of remnants from my bedroom window treatment. Whenever I have anything sewn for the house, or upholstered, I always ask for the fabric scraps. I have a big pile of them I can play with now that I have a sewing machine once again.

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  1. Patty, this is so much nicer than what I use now. It's a zipper bag lined in clear plastic with several pockets on both sides of the interior. Yes, it does function but I love yours so much better. I love the softness of it and I love that when you look at it it will remind you of your other beautiful project. I will check out the instructions and put it on my to-do list, for sure!

  2. Very nice!

    I have left over scraps like that too. They come in very handy sometimes. :-)

  3. You make me regret I don't know how to sew! lovely Patty, anyone would be happy to get such a great gift!

  4. I love these. They remind me of my mother because she used to have several of these to store jewelry. I have a pink one, but I am in love with your stripes. I cannot believe you made that with all the little pockets. You are SO talented to do that. I always marvel at people who create things through sewing or needlework. Great job.

    I'm stopping in from Claudia's where I'm partyicipating in this week's part and enjoyed seeing this.



  5. Very pretty, Patty! You are very talented! These jewelry pouches would make such wonderful gifts. It's so thoughtful to show how you made it. Have a BLESSED and wonderful weekend~~~Roxie

  6. Love it... especially the striped fabric! I have one that I bought that is also handmade; it's so convenient when traveling! But it's not as pretty as yours :)

  7. What a wonderful little pouch you made! I really like your choice of fabric and the fact that it is somewhat neutral so will look good in any setting if you should choose to leave it out. Great job!

  8. Patty, what a great project! You did a great job. I really love the idea of a jewelry pouch.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us this week!


  9. I use a cardboard box (a nice one I got from my mother years ago) for my jewelry. Your pouch is definitely much nicer. :-)


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