Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It All Started with Frames

Dan and I stopped at a really great antique store in our town square. He spotted some frames he thought Ashleigh could use for her art. They were a good price and could be refinished or touched up with spray paint if needed. I didn't pay much attention to them until we got home. When I took a second look, I got excited about what was in them: old wedding photos!

Ashleigh didn't want the pictures inside them so I took them apart. Look at what I found! This kind of stuff excites me!

My mind is brainstorming projects I could make with them.

Since they reminded me of my grandparents wedding picture, I decided to pull out a few of our own so I could compare and contrast with them.

I love my grand parent's wedding photo. The pastel colors are so pretty.

And I love my mother's wedding gown.

This was an unexpected treat. Ashleigh and I both benefited from Dan's find at the antique store. Don't you just love it when that happens?

For more vintage wedding photos, click here and here.


  1. I love looking at old wedding photos. So special....and I know that Ashleigh will do something very special with the frames!


  2. What a great find! I love old photos like this. I have some of my grandparents and great-grandparents. I like to look at their faces and in their eyes and try to imagine what they were thinking.

  3. Lovely old wedding photos, they did dress up much more in the past than happens today.

  4. The frames are very nice and what a bonanza of old photos! WOW! They really are wonderful! You did great finding vintage treasures!

  5. Love old photos, especially that of family, I don't have a lot and am afraid of displaying them because I'm afraid of further damage, but you made me think again, what's the scanner for right?! Enjoy them Patty!

  6. I found a lovely old oval frame with a vintage couple pictured in it and have it hanging in my dining room! Sometimes people ask if it's relatives on my side or my husbands? Ha Ha!

  7. I love those old photos. It makes me think of the stories behind them and wonder who they were. I love the photos of your family as well! It certainly seems a good haul for you and your daughter. What have you decided to do with the old photos? Joan

  8. OMG another vintage wedding photo collector!!! YEA, I'm not crazy! I have a flickr page with lots of photos, feel free to download! It's under Lilly's Lace!-xoxo-cindy

  9. Patty, you need to make some vintage fork picture holders to display some of them. I have put a vintage fork holder on my blog today.


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