Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hi Ho Silver!

This platter was very colorful and I was about to give it to Goodwill when I remembered that we can transform things with paint. So I sprayed it with silver Krylon Metallic paint and am now eager to decorate with it this upcoming holiday season. Sorry, I forgot to get a before picture because I got caught up in the was really unattractive to me before, just take my word for it.

Then I used the Looking Glass paint to make more mercury glass pieces. I stole was given the two tall pieces after attending a friend's wedding.

They will fit in nicely with these I sprayed awhile ago.

This post can be found here.

And finally, I  painted some red ornaments with with Looking Glass paint. I like them better now!

So before you pitch those old holiday items, know that you can bring new life to them with some paint. 

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  1. Love it Patty! didn't know about that Looking-glass paint, fantastic! I too have a lot of Xmas stuff that needs to be upgraded, and spraying is one of my favorite things to do! thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow! I love your transformations you are doing. The platter is too cute!

  3. I never think of doing things like that....what a transformation!! I have thrown a lot of stuff out that probably could have been revamped had I had an eye like yours! Joan

  4. Hi Patty,
    I love how you are "re-creating" your Christmas ornaments and decorations, especially the ornaments you painted with the looking glass paint! I've recently discovered your blog and love all of your great, creative ideas!


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