Friday, August 23, 2013

Moving Sale Treasures

A dear friend called me to tell me she was having a moving sale. I knew her house was up for sale but didn't know it had sold. I went there to be a support to her; I didn't go to purchase anything. 

First, I fell in love this little bowl. It's about five inches diameter.

Then this carousel horse music box caught my attention. Danny sent us pictures just that day of our little grandson in front of a merry-go-round. Plus the park I have been frequently visiting has a merry-go-round. 

Green's my favorite color and I love bottles. What a cool shape and label!

I love brass sculptures and this one has a unique shape.

 These cups were too cute with blinking eyes, a bow on the side and pearl necklaces.

They are signed by actress Helen Hunt from some fundraiser.

This vintage jewelry was just so beautiful and I love pearls.

And another little bowl. I remember seeing these in the stores. I think it's by Mikasa.

I bought them all! So much for not purchasing anything. I did help her price things as I put some in my basket. 

Oh, the little otter on the lower left found it's way home with me too! We have a picture of our grandson holding this pose!


  1. Love the brass animal and the teacups the most Patty! You can always find little treasures in sales like that! Have a great weekend!

  2. That necklace is gorgeous - I would have come home with it too :-)

  3. You got some real treasures, Patty! I love both crystal bowls and the green bottle. The carousel horse is a find, too! Have a great wknd!

  4. Such fun treasures and you were helping a friend.

  5. hit the jackpot!!! Fun stuff!! And I missed the previous post. Such pretty scenery!!
    xo Kris

  6. "I didn't go to purchase anything"--famous last words, yes? :-) You found some lovely treasures. Those cups really are too cute. And I love that necklace. I'm a sucker for vintage jewelry.

  7. Really nice items, love the lady coffee cups and the otter, I thought it was a walrus at first. I used to love Mateus, wonder if it is still on the market. So 1970's that bottle. xo

  8. I always think that's the best....when you go not expecting to buy and then end up finding so many little treasure! Just lovely! Loved the cups. Joan

  9. looks like some great finds, what treasures!

  10. You made some great purchases! I love the cups. They are darling! The crystal bowl is pretty, too.

  11. Nice treasures!! My age is showing, but I can remember "many" years ago when it was common to have one of those old wine bottles (back then not old)in your home and more often than not used as a candle holder with candle wax dripping down the sides. Love the vintage bling - is that by change a sweater clip? My age is showing to much. :-D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. The old Mateus rose bottle, I once loved this stuff when I was young and drank wine.

  13. O, I love everything you bought...would be hard to choose a favorite but that green bottle and the winking Helen Hunt cups sure caught my eye.

    Send me you mailing address as you won a pkg of tiny cookies and a cool something or other. :))
    xo bj

  14. Cool items. See, you were able to help your friend in more ways than one!
    Enjoy, you'll always think of her as you use each one.

  15. You did come home with some little treasures! I would have bought home the little glass bowls and the signed cups. Sweet little things. I love vintage treasure shopping-estate sales or shops.


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