Saturday, September 14, 2013

Girl's Night Out

Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis hosted a Girl's Night Out. We were given a passport on which to collect stickers from vendors located throughout the mall. The first 200 ladies to turn in their completed passports received a swag bag that contained samples, gifts and coupons. 

This was our prize, a really nice bag that zipped closed at the top for carrying lunch or wine bottles.

Here is one of the vendors in the scavenger hunt: Howl at the Moon, a dueling piano bar.

Of course, I noticed the sweets right away from the Sweet Factory.

It all made me smile.

Godiva gave out their 1.5 oz chocolate bars, like the one the bear is holding: truffles, dark chocolate, milk chocolate...sorry, I got carried away there. And it looks like this beautiful bear display may have been a prize to some lucky girl. (Not me, darn...)

Speaking of chocolate, a student from The Chef's Academy gave a cooking demonstration.

It was held in the Artsgarden where you can get a great view of the city.

Happy Snaps Photo Booth was there with fun props.

I visited the photo booth three times. There was no one else there and the attendant told me to go as many times as I wanted. It reminded me of when I was a teenager a few years ago (LOL), and my friends and I would do this at Walgreens.

Then I spotted two of my favorite brands from across the room: Coca-Cola Company and Chick-fil-A

Coca-Cola gave me a can of diet coke that quenched my thirst. 

And I received Chick-fil-A's trademark cow, in stuffed animal form, holding a sign saying Eat Mor Chikin'. I can't wait to show it to my grandson.

I was also given a cow fan. It will make a nice prop for something after cooling me off.

Other activities included getting my wedding ring cleaned by Andrews Jewelers; eating a free pretzel from Auntie Anne's and appetizers of pizza and guacamole/chips from California Pizza Kitchen; and receiving a soothing arm and hand massage from a Paul Mitchell student.

I didn't win a big prize...

But I completed my passport and received the bag. 

I enjoyed being downtown, getting a ton of exercise from walking around the mall and being pampered for awhile. Circle Center did a great job with their Girl's Night Out! 


  1. That looks like so much fun. I would have been gunning for that Godiva bear for sure. I'm a bit of a choco-holic haha!

  2. I love free samples mainly chocolate they give them out in my supermarket sometimes, I always head around again to get another one but it never works.

  3. Sounds like so much fun...Lucky you! Washing chocolate down with a coke....yum.

  4. Patty, it sounds like you had a really good time at the Girl's Night Out event. This looks like great fun. They gave away a lot of nice things and the food samples, candies and drinks probably kept you from getting too hungry as you were moving along with the hunt. I love Chick-fil-A and the little cow and the fan are so cute. The view from the Artsgarden is spectacular. Those photo booths are fun and it looks like you had yourself a ball in there, judging from the pictures of you. Our little Aiken Mall has had some problems and a lot of the stores have moved out. It was purchased by new owners a couple of weeks ago, so I hope it and the our nation's economy, as a whole, will get going again. I really enjoyed reading this fun post! Hope the rest of your weekend will be beautiful!

  5. Hey! Sounds like a lot of fun. Your photo booth pics are fantastic!!


  6. fun this all looks, Patty...and might I say you are a gorgeous all those cute photos.

    Thanking YOU for the cute, sweet thank you note you sent ME....:))

  7. That sounds like such a great time! I love the idea of being pampered. :-) I wish our mall would do something like that. I'd probably hang out too long with the candy though.

  8. What a fun idea. I avoid our mall totally. We have a cute downtown area with unique shops. I should suggest this idea to the Arts Council. They are always planning fun things. Last week we were riding our bikes downtown and saw lots of people carrying a bright yellow paper. It turns out that they were from out of town and participating in a scavenger hunt around town. They asked for help to find "the home of Perry Mason". Erle Stanley Gardner lived in Ventura and his law offices, right off the main street, are a local landmark.

  9. Looks like fun! I especially like the Chick-fil-A prizes. Fun! :-)

  10. That looks like it was a lot of fun, the photo booth pics were too cute! I need to keep an eye out for the next time they do this, it would have been worth the drive for a little bit of pampering!

  11. Hey Patty, it's a pleasure to meet such a fun person. Thanks for taking me along on your adventure. What a great party idea. Looks like fun to me, especially with all of the sweets. I loved seeing your cute poses at the photo booth. I had a photo booth at my husband's retirement party last year. So much fun! Happily, your newest follower, Linda

  12. The snapshots of you are so cute!!What a fun ladies event--sounds great- the basic food group of chocolate and diet coke is my favorite. Have a good remaining weekend.

  13. :D You are too, too cute, Patty! How much fun! I really need a Girls'Night Out!!!

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  14. Oh, what fun! You got lots of goodies and had some doesn't get any better than that! I would have loved to go with you! How cute you are!

  15. Sounds/looks like a fun event. Looks like you received some nice giveaways.
    Enjoy your week.

  16. This is a wonderful way to get out and have some fun with friends! So glad you posted at Diane's "Beautiful Sunday"!

  17. That sounds like a really fun evening out with the girls. Lots of goodies!

    I am your newest follower. Come visit!


  18. What a lot of fun that must have been. You look like you're having a ball in the photo booth!

  19. Great event together will all the cute goodies! Seems like you really enjoyed the photobooth :) nothing beats the feeling of being a kid at heart again.

    Thank you for linking up Patty! Wishing you a great week ahead :)

  20. I loved your photo booth pictures! It looked like a great time for you all. What a neat idea to gather women downtown and support the stores.


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