Friday, October 11, 2013

A Red Carpet Studio Movie Grill

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Studio Movie Grill. All comments are 100% my own.

WOW! I received an invitation to the Studio Movie Grill's (SMG) Indianapolis VIP Opening Celebration. We were to enjoy a night of eat, drink and movies. I am not sure really where to start here. I am still overwhelmed with the WOW factor of the evening. Ashleigh was my guest and we were given the red carpet treatment every step of the way! It all started at 6 PM. 

Ash and I out in the parking lot before entering the SMG

We barely got through the door when we were greeted with 

Sex and the City Cosmopolitans!

and other delightful staff members bearing special treats.

Oh, my goodness...we couldn't keep up with the delicacies. The staff was out of this world attentive to their guests.

Cheers to SMG!

SMG knows how to throw a party!

As you can see it is very upscale inside with a big beautiful bar and dining area.

Oops! a photo bomb! per Ashleigh!

The party included a grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony!

Ash was surprised her hip mom would invite her to such a cool event (thanks SMG for the ego boost!). 

We had a great time with the Happy Snap Photo Booth there.

On top of the delicious drinks and horderves, we were served a fabulous dinner and popcorn while we watched the movie, Gravity. Ash had a chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and I had a veggy pizza. It was so fun and yummy! When the movie was over, we were greeted with mints and a walk on the red carpet for a good-bye. There we were given a bottle of wine that had two free movie passes tied to it for a return visit.

A must have movie theater popcorn sitting on a tray in front of your seat! The seats were uber comfortable!
We had a choice of three movies: The Fifth Estate, Rush and Gravity. We chose Gravity which was very good and scary - in 3D!

Ashleigh modeling her 3D glasses in preparation for the movie

Outside SMG after a night of pampering with my sweet daughter!

Thank you SMG! We wish you much success in Indianapolis! 

Besides Indy, if you live in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina or Texas, check SMG out - you will love it!


  1. The whole night sounds fun and to be with your daughter was a plus.

  2. Lucky! We got to watch a movie at SMG in Chicago area back in June and it was a great experience for us! My sons were all raving about it to their dads when we got home and for sure, when we go to Chicago in 2 weeks, we'll surely be back to this place again! Glad you had fun!

  3. How fun! The Cosmo looks delicious - my favorite kind of martini :-)

  4. Looks like a great evening, how special to spend it with your daughter!

  5. How much fun! I wish Birmingham would get one.

  6. Oh Wow! You are having such a great time going places and doing things!! It is always extra spcial when you participate with loved ones.


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