Friday, October 4, 2013

Horton's Abundant Harvest

It's the craziest yet most wonderful thing...

You wouldn't expect to find these things in a hardware store, would you?

Horton's of Tipton (Indiana, on Main Street next to the courthouse) hosts French Flea Markets in the summer and Autumn Markets in the fall. 

Oh, what a beautiful day we had for this.

Horton's is not too far from me and I love to visit the little town of about 15,000 people.

I have been looking for ice skates to decorate the front porch for the Christmas holidays. I purchased these - the grey ribbon made me extra happy!

Aren't the witch hats great! They reminded me to change my blog header as I had prepared a fall header with a witch hat on it.

Aren't old bottles the best?

Someone worked hard on this pretty embroidery.

I wouldn't have thought to wrap lace on clothespins. It's a great idea!

Painted frames and bobbled glassware are oh, so pretty!

Here's a cute little lady resting her tired legs.

I have seen shapes cut out of cream paper with letters and music paper. This inspired me to cut out some leaves to decorate my house for fall. I'll show them to you soon.

I LOVE this...

Owls are really popular these days. These were so cute

and these too!

Lots of lace and ribbon can be found in this hardware store.

So much eye candy!

This red truck towel reminds me of Carol of Art and Sand. Her husband, Steve, has painted trucks like this one.

Of course there were beautiful flowers

and gourds

and BINGO cards!

Here's a gold mine...I really love this stuff!

And Scrabble letters. I have some but want more...I want...I want...

pearled mercury glass

and David.

I have got to tear up some cream fabric into strips and tie them up somewhere. right. now.

Chandeliers make me happy.

I have a couple old drawers and this inspires me to hang them on a wall.

I just stood and looked at this vignette for awhile to take it all in.

This picture makes me think of my little grandson. Babies don't wear these shoes anymore, do they?

I could have taken a million more photos while there. In fact, there was a tablescape demonstration by two very talented ladies that day and I have more pictures to share about that. I have many posts planned to publish. This time of the year makes it very easy for bloggers to find things to write about with all the beautiful colors and events going on.

Karen, the propreitor of Horton's of Tipton does a great job with her special events, don't you think? I hope you can visit some time!


  1. Wow! So many pretty things! Just looking at your photos got me thinking about some things I'd like to do/make, too. What a great event!

  2. What wonderful inspiration shots. I am going to have to run out this weekend and find a yard sale or hit some antique shops.

  3. Wow wow wow!!!

    I love everything but especially the skates :-)

  4. it was a fabulous show:) i loved clock in the drawer. tfs, patty--i didn't take pics--wish i had. happy weekend!

  5. There were lots of things to look at and buy.
    Merle.... ....... .......

  6. Oh, I MUST check this show out next year!!!! It looks FABULOUS!! Thanks for the Pics!! Blessings~~~Roxie

  7. What a way to attract women to a hardware store! A fabulous event with all kinds of treasures, I would have spent a bundle.

  8. What fun! Oh how I would love that tea towel with the red truck and bales of hay and pumpkins!!!
    xo Kris

  9. Oh, my! That vignette you loved is wonderful as is the next photo with the typewriter.

    Thanks for the shout out to Steve. We saw 2 great old truck with wonderful patina today, but Steve couldn't get any photos.

    There was a Harvest Festival at our fairground the last 2 days, but it has been in the 90s and we did not feel like venturing too far from the water.

  10. Oh Patty!! I love your photos and what a great post. I just love all the vintage things they have and yest very inspiring.

  11. OMG, Patty....there's so much to take-in in this one post! SO much inspiration....I love it!
    I need to read it several times (I've already bookmarked this post).....I love what they did with the old drawers! Too cute. I love all things vintage like Jolene. I know you've been inspired so tell me what your first project is going to be....I just have to know!

  12. Unbelievable! I would want to buy something from every booth there! That is an incredible place to shop! How nice to think of Christmas presents ahead of time, too. I'm having fun catching up on your posts. I just looked at the book in the post before this one. I was wondering why I'm behind..but didn't see your blog updating in my blog list! I hope I fixed that! Happy Fall my friend!


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