Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Sweetheart Weekend: Part 2 - Creating Beautiful Things

I mentioned how much fun I had at the Country Living fair while attending the Sweethearts on the Homefront weekend in Atlanta, Georgia here. Today I want to share some photos of the beautiful things we made and the decor that was in the room on Saturday. We celebrated 1940's themed jewelry, baking and sewing.

The memorabilia in the room added so much to the enjoyment of the day. Rosalyn-Sue Smith is an amazing event planner and artist.

Our first creation was a piece of jewelry. Andrea Singarella taught us how to make a vintage Sweetheart necklace with a locket. I was so glad that I had previous jewelry making skills as they really came in handy. This is how Andrea had packaged the necklaces.

I almost didn't want to open mine; it was so pretty as is.

Here are my pieces as my necklace was being built

and it all came together like this.

There was such beauty on the table.

I placed it on my little mannequin in the bathroom so I could enjoy it as much as possible.

Then we moved on to the baking. Notice how Rosalyn had the chocolates custom wrapped.

Rosalyn's attention to detail in the room was amazingly beautiful. I think pink has become my favorite color since being on this trip.

We made this retro recipe book, taught by artists Jenny Holiday and Aaron Nieradka. It is full of their own retro art.

photo courtesy of Jenny Holiday

I learned some new Mod Podge and color washing skills with this project but didn't get it finished while there. I'm still working on it. The colors and art in the book are yummy. I had never met this sweet couple before but others in the room have and their excitement in being with them was contagious!

And finally, to celebrate the art of sewing

Heidi Meyer taught us how to make a rose corsage.

Look how beautiful it is! Heidi had done most of the work beforehand; all I had to do was stitch the pieces together and attach the pearls, and adhere the clip to the back. I appreciated all the hours she put into preparing this special project for us.

Here are more beautiful displays that were in the room.

It was an amazing day that created memories I will cherish forever. It opened up a whole new world of vintage to me, I made some wonderful new friends and discovered many new inspiring blogs.

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  1. Wow! Even the chairs are decorated for a sweetheart. I know you must have all smiled the whole time and enjoyed every minute. There's nothing like meeting with like minded friends to create beautiful things. You looked lovely my friend! What fun....I'll go back to look some more! Hugs!

  2. This looked like so much fun. I live in Atlanta area and totally miissed it. I would love to go next year. I'd love to make some pins and rose pins too. Glad you had a fun day.

  3. Looks and sounds like an enjoyable time - thanks for sharing it with us. Great job on the necklace and rose.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Oh, that sounds like so much fun and everything was beautiful. I would love to attend an event like that.

    And, the attention to detail in each item is awesome.

    Can't wait to see what class/course you do next.

  5. Oh, Patty, that looks like so much fun!! Your necklace turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

  6. Looks like a fun time and lots of little treasures to take home.

  7. I;'ve GOT to find something like that close to me. There is to many gorgeous pink things to look at--everything beautiful. What a fantastic atmosphere to create. Your necklace is lovely. The Ball Jar cookies fantastic looking and the table decorations beautiful too.

  8. {Squeal!} So many pretty things! Your necklace is super cute - it goes perfectly with your top and its neckline. What a great picture of you holding that frame. XOXO

  9. What a wonderful creative day you spent with friends. Your locket necklace looks pretty on you.

  10. Patty,

    You're having entirely too much fun!! Wish I had been there with you. I saw sweet Andrea in that photo. I have several pair of her earrings. Her jewelry is divine. ♥ And your necklace turned out just beautiful!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Steph ♥

  11. Your necklace is beautiful! Looks like such a fun time was had by all.

  12. Everything is so beautiful, looks like a wonderful day of creativity

  13. Oh, how lucky you are to be able to participate in something so beautiful. Actually it matches you...beautiful! I am so trying to find something creative and neat to make a cook book or recipe collection for the kids for Christmas. So many ideas and I may have started to late for this coming Christmas!

  14. Wow, many lovely details in the room and the projects. I love how your necklace looks on the mannequin....a perfect way to display it! I love the sugar ration labels on the chocolates...what an awesome detail! I love the colors on your retro recipe book, and the corsage is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all of the details!

  15. I love the way you captured the day! Your photos are so pretty! We had such a great time, Patty! It just didn't last long enough!

    hugs, Sherry


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