Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Happy List: Charlottes, Becky, Jenny & Aaron

My friend Becky sent me this adorable Charlotte ornament as a Christmas gift. Charlotte was packaged so sweetly with little gold stars and pink paper. She's a Christmas ornament, but she will not be put away with the Christmas decor. She will be staying with me in my creative space.

Charlotte has a lot of sentimental value to me for two reasons: she was made by Jenny & Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday and I am crazy over frozen charlottes (I wrote about them here). Jenny & Aaron were instructors at the Sweethearts at the Homefront event and that is also where I met Becky. What a sweet friend to send me my very first Charlotte. Many thanks to Becky, and to Jenny & Aaron for creating such a beautiful piece of art for us to enjoy. 

Jenny & Aaron just published a book and it is great! When Becky and I get together, we are going to make some of the masterpieces in the book, like the faux cupcakes and donuts.

And speaking of Jenny & Aaron, I won their Spode Christmas china sugar and creamer giveaway! I've had the plates and mugs for many years (you can see them here), but not these pieces. I'm so excited! Thank you Jenny & Aaron!

You may have noticed I said "Charlottes" in the title of this post. That is because yesterday when Dan and I visited the husband of a dear friend who passed away a couple years ago, I was given her frozen charlottes.

I was speechless and delighted to say the least. I remember seeing them when I would visit her over a friendship of 35 years. We shared the love of vintage things and I will treasure them forever!

I'm happy about the New Year 2014! Are you? 

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  1. Oh, my! What a lot to be happy about.

    Enjoy your New Year's celebrations.

  2. The Christmas ornament Charlotte looks a lot like a china doll I had as a child. So pretty! And how wonderful that you have your friend's Charlottes. They hold many good memories, I'm sure.

    Yes, I'm happy about 2014. Happy New Year, Patty!!

  3. Oh, Patty! Your Frozen Charlotte ornament is so sweet. She is something to treasure, for sure. Speaking of treasures, your friend was so thoughtful and generous to gift you with the ones which had been owned by his wife and your dear friend. I went back to read your previous post about your friend having introduced you to the dolls and their German history. You must have been thrilled to have received this wonderful collection.

  4. SUPER Happy List, Patty. This is the first I've heard of the Frozen Charlottes. I like your ornament! So sweet. I bought the creamer and sugar in a flash sale on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. You are a lucky duck to have won it! YAY!

    Thanks for your support of My Happy List. You are such a peach to me!

    Happy New Year!!!


  5. Happy New Year Patty! I love how you are getting beautiful gifts that are soo you!


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