Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: A Passport to Pleasure

I imagine every state has a booklet like this available listing their antique shops by locations. 

This booklet can be found for free at participating shops.

I saw something like it in Ohio, only it was in a map form. I decided this year I was going to use this guide as a passport and visit every shop in it. It has proven to be a fun activity for Dan and me while providing a great way to see different parts of the state.

As I visit a shop, I put a little piece of Washi tape on it and make a few notes about the shop. It's my passport to pleasure and a neat way to keep track of where I've been.

I've been to several places in the Indiana Antique Guide already. Sometimes I go by myself, other times Dan joins me. He is so patient and helpful while I shop. He never buys anything but he enjoys looking in the locked glass cabinets. He says the good stuff is locked up. LOL

One shop I want feature is Avon Antiques. Gail Medcalf is the owner and she knows her antiques. She has been there for 23 years. Dan and I learned a great deal from her while we were there. Dan really enjoyed this shop too, locked cabinets or not! 

Gail is very careful to have genuine antiques in her shop and nothing after the 1940s. Right now she has vintage Valentines scattered throughout and it was such fun to see them.

Dan and I loved being in this room. Everything is displayed so beautifully and Gail has such great stuff!

Which lovely lady pin cushion should I bring home with me? 

My stash from Gail's Avon Antiques.

push pins

I had to bring something Valentineish home with me after seeing all of those Valentines. Good marketing!

I will write more about my passport to pleasure as I visit other shops in the Indiana Antique Guide. I'll show you what I see and bring home with me!


  1. Love your stash especially the molds and that gorgeous bracelet! I don't know if we have a similar booklet here in Illinois though, it would be great if we have that here! That shop is adorable, I'm looking at all the details in the pictures and love a lot of stuff already! Glad you could resist the temptation still!

  2. What great finds. My favorite is the Valentine handkerchief.

    I wonder where I can find a book like that for southern California. It makes me think of 1000 Places To See Before You Die. We have highlighted all the places we have visited and use the book when we visit a new state.

    When my daughter and I went to New York, we stayed in my sister's hotel room while she was on a business trip. She loaned us a book of 100 shops "not to miss" and we hit 51 of them in our week in NYC. It was fun to plan the day around an area and look for all the shops in that area. We had a ball.

  3. The pin cushion is beautiful, I think she would have come home with me too. I love your unique idea with the booklet.. I am traveling to Chicago by train with a few of my girl friends in May and this would be a fun idea to use.

  4. I have had a couple of the books in the past, but don't remember how large of an area they covered - pretty sure not state wide. Lots of eye candy in that shop.

  5. I like looking around these shops but seldom buy they are always very expensive.

  6. Oh, what a neat idea to do with this book! I have picked them up and visited some shops, but I never thought about marking my thoughts about the stores. You are lucky your husband visits some of the stores with you, I can't get my hubby to go with me. If you ever decide to go to Cabbages and Kings in Crawfordsville, not far from me, let me know, maybe we can go together!

  7. Patty
    That antique guide book is a great idea. You found some great treasures

  8. Hello from Spain: I like the idea of ​​antique shops brochure. Sounds like a great idea to mark your visits stores. I enjoyed meeting Gail Medcalf. The lady pincushion is fabulous . I'm looking forward to seeing your purchases. Keep in touch

  9. What a great idea! We have a map which directs us to local antique stores, but I haven't ventured too far! Enjoy checking off this list!!

  10. Wish I could have been along on this outing. I do enjoy going to antique places, but rarely buy. I have enough of my own.

  11. Avon Antiques looks like a great place. The items are beautifully displayed. I really like the Valentine handkerchief. I remember my grandmother used handkerchiefs, not tissues and of course I thought that was gross! I still don't want to use them but they're pretty to look at. Your goal to visit every antique shop in the Passport book is an ambitious one that will no doubt give you a lot of pleasure. Fun post, Patty!


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