Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pinterest Procrastinations: Lovely Ladies

This hanging planter was a recent purchase from Willow House as they were going out of business. (It makes me sad to see businesses close. The Archivers scrapbooking store is going out of business too so that makes me doubly sad.) Anyway, I've been cutting out pretty ladies that have been pinned to my Pinterest boards with my Silhouette Cameo. I thought they would add a little Valentine's Day cheer to the foyer of our home. 

The graphics are compliments of The Graphics Fairy, The Besottment and The Little Pink Studio.

Willow House carried housewares as well as Sara Blaine jewelry. A week before they took their website down, I ordered a bunch of jewelry at ridiculously low prices. These pieces were as low as $5, many of them sterling silver. I still have more packed away for Ashleigh's birthday. I purchased 18 pieces and when I checked out on the website, it said that I had saved something like $1400. Crazy and so sad - I have mixed feelings about it. It sure is pretty though, isn't it!


  1. I do like your pretty ladies! What a creative Valentine decoration. Wowzers on the savings! Our last scrapbooking place in Cedar Rapids is closing. I think it is sad too.

  2. OMG they are gorgeous, your bargain binge-ing paid off Patty, these will come in handy as gifts and anyone would be happy to get them too! Love your gals in that bucket - sad to know Archivers will close down soon :-(

  3. Love those paper ladies! ...and so many interesting jewelry finds. Beautiful gold leaf pendants. It's good to see they were found by someone special ;)

  4. Hi Patty, the paper ladies are beautiful!

  5. I love your Victorian ladies cut out.
    I hate it also when our favorite business' go out of business
    Our beautiful antique mall is closing end of march and it's the best one in this town.

  6. That silhouette cameo tool looks like a LOT of fun! I am blown away. I also loved all your spoolie Valentines but that post has disappeared. Maybe you wanted to keep them a surprise for the swappers. Well, I loved them all! Thanks for sharing your fun projects with us. I really need to get creating, myself!


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