Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pinterest Procrastinations: No Bake Cookies

I remember making these no bake chocolate oatmeal peanut butter cookies when I was young. That was a long time ago!! With it being so cold outside, I've been baking cookies which is something I never do otherwise. 

You can get the recipe here.

There has been discussion about how long to boil the mixture. I let mine boil for one minute, stirring with my new Tuttorosso wooden spoon.

They didn't disappoint my memory!


  1. Those look really good.

    We have a ski trip to Utah in 2 weeks and I have to fit in my ski pants so NO bread, cookies, chocolate for me. I shopped at Whole Foods today and just did the produce and meat sections. I bought bread for my daughter who is having friends over tonight, but it will go to her house soon and I won't be tempted.

  2. I like homemade biscuits but no longer make then as the beer fair doesn't eat them and I eat the lot but these do sound nice.

  3. I have a friend who used to make these all the time many years ago, and they are a great little cookie. I'd forgotten about them!

    I like your Pinterest Procrastinations posts. They're fun!

  4. I have not made those in years. My oldest son always loved them. Patty, I can't add you to my side bar even using your url. Do you have any idea why? Well, I signed up for email so I guess I will get you that way anyway. Weird - xo Diana

  5. You know, I was planning on posting a picture dealing with No Bake Cookies for my Throwback Thursday. I will have to do it another time. I took 1st place in a Baking Contest when I was in 3rd grade with the same recipe! They look great!

  6. I love these no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. I've seen and tried a few variations on the recipe - I've added coconut, or not; used peanut butter, or not. These cookies are so delicious that I have trouble leaving them alone! Mmmmmm!

  7. I love these cookies too-so easy.
    We made these quite often when we had
    children at home!

  8. They are almost like candy..

  9. OOO, Patty, I LOVE these. I haven't made them in forever...thanks for reminding me of them.
    Thanks, too, for coming by and leaving such a sweet comment.
    I hope you are staying warm...:)
    xoxo bj


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