Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pinterest Procrastinations: Old Bed Spring

I had to have one. An old bed spring.

I had seen them at the craft fairs I attended this past fall. So I searched Pinterest for ways to use mine. I discovered that there are many ways to use it. And then I saw a beautifully decorated Ball jar and remembered that I had just had some old family photos developed at Archivers. I was going to use them for mixed media projects but for now they can sit in the jar. The jar is like a picture frame. 

I like to use pasta sauce jars because I like the shape and size and they don't have writing on the front. I placed the jar on top of the spring which held it perfectly. I clipped the beautiful flower I made at Sweethearts on the Homefront onto the spring. I enjoy looking at this project everyday while I work at my creative space.

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  1. I really like both projects but I know for sure I can do the pics. in the glass jars and I need it too.Thank You for dropping by and introducing Yourself.I'm going to start enjoying Your blog now by being Your newest follower-Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

  2. Simple, elegant, soft and feminine.
    I love it and how jealous I am you were at Sweetheart's!

  3. Well the spring is a perfect picture holder--love the frame!!

  4. I love springs! You are very creative. I wonder what I might do with one. Earring holder?

  5. Those springs are so charming. I love what you did with them. XOXO

  6. I love all these projects you're sharing with us. I'm looking for ideas for a photo box. Have you seen some of the supplies by 7 Gypsies? I like their still a lot! I really like the jar project, Patty.


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