Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pinterest Procrastinatons: Angel Ornaments

I know the holidays are behind us but I still had to make this angel ornament anyway. I had pinned several holiday projects made with old jello tins and I didn't want to wait until next year to do something with this angel pick I purchased from The Little Pink Studio. Her collar fit perfectly to the shape of the star.

I also purchased the sheet music from Cerri of the Little Pink Studio and I found this fabulous necklace at an antique shop that will provide hangers for many projects I have planned to make.

I used my wire pliers to remove a piece of the necklace, punched a hole in the tin with my Crop-A-Dile and attached the ends to form a loop. I wasn't sure if the Crop-A-Dile would punch the hole but it was no problem at all - it's a great tool. It has two sizes of hole punches besides having the capability of adhering eyelets to projects.

Then I had to figure out how to make a pattern to cut the sheet music to place it inside the star. I decided to make a copy of the back of the star mold on the copy machine and I got the pattern that way.

A large pearl from Michaels fit perfectly onto the wire on the angel pick. 

So I glued everything together and made a bow with seam binding below the giant pearl. I decided to cover the metal loop above the angel with a pearl.

Speaking of angels, I found these sweet little figures here and there sitting on antique shop shelves for a couple dollars each. I made them into ornaments. I was told this first one originally sat on a taper candle for decoration.

This one was cute by herself. I just learned how versatile pipe cleaners are. They served as a little scarf as well as holding the string for hanging the angels onto the tree.

I was so happy to find this one too. She's such a sweet little thing playing her accordion.

I'll be getting on to Valentine's projects soon!

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  1. Patty these are so adorable. The one with the pipe cleaner reminds me of kissing angels. I stopped at a second hand store just yesterday on my lunch hour and saw some there and thought about picking them up but I did not. I may need to head back today just to get them after seeing your post.

  2. Each one is delightful, now you just have to find a way to wait until next Christmas to use them.

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like your angel. Great job. Christmas decorations are also very cute .. Keep in touch

  4. Pretty, indeed! I love those '50's angel faces.

  5. How sweet! I keep a few angels in my decor year round. They make me happy! Love your precious angels! Hugs!

  6. I think you were smart to go ahead and make the Christmas ornaments while they were on your mind. I think I will do that this year - do it when I see it instead of waiting and then forgetting.

    Your ornaments are precious.

  7. So Cute!! I really like the idea using the vintage necklace pieces as hangers.
    I have accumulated a good bit to work with - just need to get busy. But today we had a heat wave - mid 50's and sunshine, so had to go play. :-D
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  8. Very cute! The glittery pipe cleaners are the perfect touch. So glad to find you at Pink Saturday - I'm your newest follower. Thanks for the visit too!

  9. I am going to dream about that sweet angel holding the tree... oh how I wish she was mine, I love her!! And the make over you did to her is just precious. Everything about your jello mold ornament is inspiring! I love how it all came together and the pictures are so clear to see the making of it. Such a fun post!! ♡

  10. Very cute, Patty! Sometimes it is less stressful to make holiday things when you don't have to worry about a deadline. I could see myself making Christmas things {and I just might with some of my altoid tin stash} now, especially if I get some inspiration that makes me want to act on it right away.

  11. I love the ornaments, and I think you're so clever with how you're using the necklace. Brilliant idea, Patty!

  12. These are precious. You are a talented lady .
    My mother was so good at crafts and she worked on Christmas things year 'round. She made some beautiful things for all her family to enjoy. She's been gone for over 25 years and we all still have things she made for us. Your family will cherish YOUR talents, too. :)


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