Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Toys Old and New

I was going through some things and found this little yellow duck from my childhood toys. I don't have many things from my childhood and am so glad to have this. I thought it belonged to a Little Kiddles doll.

So I did a little research and indeed it did! It was an accessory to the Little Diddle doll. You can see a picture of it here. I'm glad I know that now. :)

Recently I made my first online purchase from Earth Angels Studios for a new/old toy, a frozen charlotte on a vintage crocheted sachet. I learned about Earth Angels Studios when I attended the Country Living Fair in October. I also ordered some red millinery berries. It was all packaged so sweet - it even included a piece of chocolate.

Oh my goodness, this delightful purchase has everything I like: crochet, ribbon, bling, buttons, pearls, millinery flowers and a tiny frozen charlotte. It was made by Sue Parker. She also makes fabulous pin cushions with little figures on top of them. I love her work so much!

I put it with my lady pincushion.

Then look at what I recently found - pin cushions. I love them and appreciate the work that went into making them.

Here are some new/old toys from other recent antiquing trips. I know you're probably saying...more buttons? You know, I can't get enough buttons. I even got a little bling as you can see at the top of the photo and a crocheted heart at the bottom. 

I was amazed with the sizes and quantities of these buttons. They are large buttons, 1 1/2 inches in diameter. 

I also found tart tins. I had been looking for some for a long time but could only find jello molds. The day I purchased these I found them at two different shops! It's funny how that works. I now have several heart shaped ones just in time for Valentine's Day! The tart pans are smaller than the jello molds and provide for a different kind of mixed media project.

This ballerina necklace was an interesting find. I have plans for her and will share them soon! I also have use for the bling and fringe.

When I was a little girl I carried around a fluffy lamb with me while I walked around the house in my plastic high heels. This pretty pink plastic one called out to me...

I know I was wearing this bracelet while I was walking around the house in my little heels carrying my beloved lamb. I didn't purchase it though - such restraint for once!

I'm finding pretty white and gold cups and saucers along the way too

and tea strainers. Makes me think of Downton Abbey.

Have you found any new/old toys lately?


  1. Oh, I see so many things I love...heart shaped crochet and pincushions so fancy! And we all love anything that reminds us of Downton Abbey! Enjoy your day and your 'new' treasures! Sweet hugs!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like your little duck from your childhood. Neither do I keep my toys from when I was a child. Pretty crochet bag. I love your buttons. Keep in touch

  3. I really love those crochet pineapples, and the pineapple heart! (I just made a post with that pattern!) Its a vintage Workbasket pineapple heart pattern from the 1950's. There is a modern pattern available online somewhere, but it was first published in Workbasket Magazine Vol. 24, No. 5 February 1959. :) Beautiful post btw!

  4. So many pretty things! I love the crochet and the buttons, especially. I don't have any toys left from childhood except for my first doll and a doll my great-aunt gave me from her stash of antiques. I do have childhood jewelry (I love jewelry--I would have had a hard time not buying that beautiful gold bracelet!) and a small rocking chair and a small chair my grandfather gave me. I'll have to share about some of that on my blog.

  5. I haven't found any lately but I am on a "don't buy anymore things" bandwagon for a while. lol I love your purchases!!! They are GREAT! xo Diana

  6. Lots of little treasures to work with - you did good.
    No fun shopping trips here - still dealing with the water damage issue. Actually, to cold for me to get out any more than I absolutely have to right now.

  7. Such pretty finds. I just discovered a flea market at our local fairgrounds - every Wednesday. I thought about going today, but I need to use what I have so I stayed away.

    When are you attending the Downton Affair in California?

  8. You can NEVER have too many buttons!

  9. Oh...lots of really nice things here in this post!!!!!!
    xo Kris

  10. I remember Liddell kiddles! I was obsessed by them when I was a kid. I even had the house. How lucky that you still have one of your toys, I wish I did.

  11. So many beautiful things Patty! Love the tea crochet sachet, so pretty! And those tea strainers? Never knew about them until now, I must try to be on the look out for these! Enjoy them dear!


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