Saturday, February 22, 2014

Green Ball Jars!

I've mentioned before on my blog how much I love the color green. In fact, when I joined in on a color swap last year, my partner sent me a green polka dot box filled with green things. So when I saw the new Spring Green Ball Heritage Collection jars, I was filled with excitement (no pun intended!)! Ball sent me a 6 pack quart size of them for a review which I was happy to do. They are available in pint and quart sizes. I was surprised how large they were when they arrived because I was expecting them to be smaller, like the blue anniversary pint size ones from last year. But that was fine with me because that means there will be more room to store my treasures. Did I mention how beautifully green they are?!

Since I have bits of green around in my home, they look good anywhere and everywhere:

in my creative space filled with buttons and bobbins;

in the kitchen filled with fruit

or with heart shaped tins and a cookie cutter;

and in the bathroom with a candle, an invitation for a spa day.

My most favorite thing about them, though, is that they arrived in time for St. Patrick's Day

and Easter!

Ball canning jars have served as a great presentation for gifts, but I can just imagine how much fun it will be to fill them with delicacies for these special occasions!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Ball canning jar company. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Oh I am so crazy about these green canning jars!!! They are so very lovely!! How perfect for st. Patricks day!!! Thanks for sharing these!!! Nicole

  2. Wow! How lucky for you to have gotten some for free! I love canning jars and started collecting old ones many years ago. I was so excited last year when they had the blue ones and I bought a couple boxes of them. I was wishing they'd make them in other colors. My wish came true! I can't wait to get some green ones. And, how exciting that they come in a couple different sizes! That's great! Canning jars are wonderful for so many things. The colors make them extra wonderful! :-) I hope they keep coming out with more colors. I think yellow would be pretty and so would pink. :-)

  3. I have the blue Ball jars and now I have to find the green. What excites me the most is thinking that they might be adding more colors through the years.

    I had forgotten what I sent you in the color swap. I think of you often because the red dish clothes are in the kitchen and used every single day.

  4. Wow! I have never seen green Ball Jars. They are very pretty.

  5. I love the green for St. Patty's day! Too perfect!

  6. I am for sure going to be getting these - the blue were pretty, but I don't have any blue in my house - green I can work with :-)

  7. I've never seen green ones before - what a treat!

  8. I see all kinds of St. Patrick's Day opportunities! Also love how you have stored bobbins. I broke down and bought the blue ones and there's just something about the added color that is so fun. Thanks for sharing!


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