Monday, February 10, 2014


I got a sample container of Maison Blanche Vanille to see if it was a color that I liked. I was inspired to paint this little wooden drawer. It belonged to a bookshelf Ashleigh took with her. She didn't want it so I figured it could hold things in my creative space. Actually, I have two of them.

The drawer is full of  images from the Graphics Fairy blog.

This was my inspiration I wrote about here.

I painted this little dog, this A C Gilbert Erector railroad signal tower and the drawer all Vanille one evening while catching up on DVR'd shows. 

Oh, and I had this little globe that was a bank. I put Antique Light Brown Wax on the globe and dog. You can see what the wax does here as the Erector tower wasn't waxed. I put wax on the drawer in the top photo too.

I tied a piece of leather cord at the base of the globe and put a collar on the dog with an embellishment from my friend Becky. I figure I can perhaps hang the Erector tower on the Christmas tree. (I got the idea for hanging the Erector tower on the tree here - the 16th photo down.)

I found the globe and Erector tower when I shopped at a flea market here.

I used up every single drop that was in the sample container and had to go out and get more because I love the color and it goes well with my kitchen cabinets. I recently painted this picture frame with Vanille.

After I got more paint, I used it on this dressmaker form a sweet friend gave to me. I had seen sofas and chairs painted and I thought, what the heck, why not paint the dressmaker form? I had thought about recovering her with muslin because I didn't like the color of the fabric she was in, but this was much easier.

 I recently found this lacy apron that I thought was perfect for her. 

I'm on a roll and am thinking of painting the kitchen chairs with the Vanille. Watch out family! You might get painted too!


  1. I can see why you like using that paint color. I especially like the way your dress form looks. It was an amazing transformation.

  2. Do you have enough to give me a few highlights in my hair? When we were hiking yesterday my hair looked BLUE ! lol I love the cute drawer and all of the pretty images. I see some sweet pixies in the neat stuff and even piano music behind your bird! Everything is beautiful my friend! Hugs!

  3. Patty, The cute little things you paint were cute before...but adorable now !! I love seeing all your projects. xoxo,Susie

  4. Many pretty things here.

  5. I especially love that little drawer. So cute and looks perfect with our stuff in it!

  6. i love the drawer full of pretty images ... and the everything else ... the colour is fabulous!

  7. Nice whites! And that clock is my favorite!!

  8. Patty, I love that paint color, too. It's sooooo creamy looking, and has a bit of warmth to it. :D
    Is that brand of paint expensive?

  9. I can see you are in love with this paint, and for a good reason! The wax was very clever, I love the grain it adds to the round surfaces! Everything looks smashing!

  10. It's posts like this that makes it clear that your blog is SO aptly named...such PRETTY things!!

  11. I love the color and what a nifty container to hold your 'stuff' in......

  12. What beautiful transformation. of course I favor the dress form but, that globe, dog came out rich looking in the photos.


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