Monday, March 17, 2014

A Little Getaway for Fleas

Early last week, I indicated to Dan that I wanted to go to the Springfield, Ohio flea market that was held on Saturday. Springfield is located between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio, and the flea market is held once a month. He surprised me and made hotel accommodations for us for Friday evening so we could be at the flea market when the doors opened at 8 AM. What a sweet husband.

This is random, but have you taken a panorama photo with your iPhone? After we got home from our little trip and I lined up my stash, I had remembered that Ashleigh had taken a panorama photo while we were recently in California. (I didn't know my phone had this capability.) I thought it would be fun to take one of my new treasures. I couldn't quite figure it out on my own so I had to search the web to help me get it done. This is what I got after about 10 tries.

I've started to search for ephemera now. I found a 1903 Sears Roebuck and Co. catalog that is wonderful to browse. Dan enjoyed reading it while I shopped. I also found a 1952 ledger book from  a local hardware store.

I also found this book called Toodles. The title caught my eye because I had a doll named Toodles when I was a little girl and have been in search of one. I didn't know if this book had any connection to her. I just did some research on it and I don't think it does but I did find it for sale anywhere from $44 to $200! I paid $3!

Other ephemera I found was this City of Cincinnati Public Recreation Commission Song Sheet I would guess from the 1930s and three photos. This is the first time I have purchased photos.

The beautiful lady is holding a violin. It is dated 1928 on the back.


Adorable baby.

I got the baby doll for $5. She makes a squeak when she is turned over. I'm not sure what doll she is but as you can see she had been submerged in something dirty and sticky. After the photo was taken, I gave her a bath of a Dawn/vinegar mixture which helped some. I may have to try something else in addition to make her totally non sticky. If I'm not happy with the outcome I can save just the head. I have seen some creative women that I highly respect collect doll heads and I'm okay with that. LOL

It was neat to find colored prisms. I already have clear ones so these are a nice addition for mixed media projects. Yes, I am thinking St. Patrick's Day with the green one. :)

I just love rooting through old boxes, finding little things for mixed media projects.

A clock key, needle case, rings for I dunno what..., doll heads and a pink elephant. I do have plans for the elephant.

I brought home lots of beautiful lace to add to my collection.

Did you think I would come home without buttons? No siree...I didn't let us down. It really pays to be friendly with people there as they can tip you off to good deals. One little man told me about a big button box a dealer I had already visited kept under wraps. I was glad to get the heads up so I returned to his booth to find interesting ones for a quarter to 35 cents each.

A button filled Sucrets tin - a tin to alter!

I really like the bling!

It was really fun exploring something new, getting out of town for a bit, and eating at some of Cincinnati's old time favorite restaurants - LaRosa's and Frisch's. I'm a Cincinnati girl and Dan lived there a few different times so we really appreciated the tastes we had known and loved for many years. We recently had Skyline Chili (there are a couple in Indiana) so we didn't need our Cincinnati Skyline Chili fix this time. Hope you enjoyed seeing my stash. Now I need to put it away so I can shop some more. 


  1. Hi Patty, You did find some wonderful treasures !! I like the old catalog. Great buttons. I want to see all the fabulous things you will make with that lace. Happy St. Patty's Day, xoxo,Susie

  2. Sounds like a fun trip. Love the blingy buttons.
    Happy St.Paddy's Day!

  3. Hello from Spain: Happy St. Patrick's Day. Great buttons. I like your purchases. Keep in touch

  4. Hi Patty, You found some very neat and interesting items! But my favorite is all that lace and buttons!! My heart skipped a few beats~~~love the doll baby too! Blessings~~~Roxie

  5. Hi Patty, what a wonderful husband and such a nice surprise. You got your lovely treasures and a nice trip too.

  6. Hi Patty, gosh what treasures. That interesting ledger book and the lace and buttons! Beautiful buttons.

  7. That looks like so much fun! That ledger book is MY kind of treasure, and I love the photo of the woman with the violin. The buttons look amazing, too. You will have great fun with your new loot. (And I love the use of a panoramic photo to show it all off...I hadn't thought of doing that!)

  8. Oh! You found some lovely 'goodies' at the flea market.
    Now you have me curious about my own phone...I must do some web research myself. Thanks for the information about the panorama photo option.
    Teresa in California


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