Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Reprieve From the Winter Weather

Ashleigh and I recently took a little trip to Southern California. It was so nice to get away for a minute from the frigid Indiana temperatures and snow. The beach was awesome. The cool breeze, smooth sand on our feet, and sounds of the ocean waves and birds were a delight to the senses.

February in Southern California

The beach didn't have many shells but it was full of smooth stones.

I brought a few small stones home with me.

Palm trees always excite me because there aren't any where I come from.

We did a little shopping while there. A chocolate bar? Yes!!

This shop certainly caught Ashleigh's and my attention.

After recently making bowls out of my Tom Jones albums (here), I have now found another use for them at Art N Soul.

Love the art in beach towns. This ceramics display caught my eye with the beautiful colors and textures.

The walls were adorned with wonderful paintings like this one with coffee cups.

One craft I haven't done yet is creating with mosaics. Someday I would like to try it out. I imagine this gorgeous fish is of the advanced nature when it comes to making mosaics. 

Another craft I haven't done yet is stamping silverware. Ashleigh has the tools and I have the spoons so one day we will stamp some spoons, something like these pieces below. 

I found an idea for the beach stones I brought home with me. 

Since it was almost March, it was that time of year to show some green and this shop did their part! 

This is what I bought - shoes! I needed shoes this color and couldn't decide between the two - so I took them both! Ashleigh got a pair of Birkenstocks.

And I saved the best shop for last - Gardenology.

This bed greeted us at the door. I was immediately sold on customizing my guest room with this type of decor.

I like the headboard, although I am loving the use of old doors for headboards too.

A few other cool things to show you...

Ashleigh and I wanted one of everything in the store!

We ate at Norte Restaurant, in Carlsbad (very delicious Mexican food). Sitting outside to eat lunch and enjoy the beautiful sunshine was a treat in itself!

 One morning we bought donuts here...

The donuts disappeared so fast I didn't get a picture of them in time. Just take my word for it; they were very tasty. I liked how these decals covered the doors of the donut shop.

On Ashleigh's to do list was getting a burger at 

because it was mentioned in one of her favorite movies, The Big Lebowski. 

This was a picture right inside the door.

Besides the fabulous burgers and fries, did you know that IN-N-OUT BURGER is known for its pink lemonade? It's really good.

Before we knew it, it was time to get on that plane to take us back to Indianapolis. 

Good-bye palm trees.

Good-bye pretty birds of paradise.

Good-night moon - I mean, good-by beautiful ocean.

Hope to see you again real soon!


  1. Fun stuff! You got a really nice time to visit, and the weather has been perfect!! I wish I could have seen you too!!
    xo Kris

  2. Oh, I loved your photos and the reminder of how much I enjoyed visiting Southern Cal a few years back. For some reason, I wasn't expecting to like it so much, but I'm ready to return.

    And, yes, we love the In-N-Out Burgers, too.

  3. It looks like you were visiting our old stomping ground. We lived in San Diego prior to moving to Ventura. When we would visit family in San Diego, we would prefer to spend our time in Leucadia and Encinitas. Did you get to the Cedros Design District in Solana Beach? There are amazing shops there.

    I love the mosaic fish and those heart plates. I am pretty sure I have been to Gardenology.

    I am glad you escaped the cold for awhile.

  4. Did you have a good time it looks like you did.
    Chocolate bars and donuts would have my attention too.
    Some of those records we own and still play them does that mean we are getting old.

  5. Patty, I have to say, I loved this post. It's good to see everyones'photos of trips. I liked the art shop!! Glad you got away for a while. Now spring is near for us and I am excited about that. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh Patty I know how much you wanted to get away, my sis lives in Indy and she has been so ready for nice weather. You broke ALL the records this winter. Your trip seems wonderful, I heard about In n Out several times on the Oscars!!! Those shops looks so fun, they would have caught my eye. Oh to walk in warm sand!!!!

  7. The warm weather and no "snow" looks yummy!! The shopping looks great also!

  8. Sounds like you had an enjoyable trip. A good time to go when everything was cold and covered in ice and snow on this side of the country.
    Enjoy your weekend

  9. I thought of you as I was reading this blog post this morning -

  10. Wow! Looks like fun. Hope you enjoyed your California adventure!

  11. Patty,
    What a fun trip. Loved seeing the shops. I bet that was so much fun. Some yummy treats too. Loved seeing the pictures of the ocean and palm trees. Ahhhhhhhh!

  12. What a fun trip! I would have loved gallery hopping with you. We're going to the beach in April!


  13. Thanks for 'taking' us along on your wonderful trip with Ashleigh Patty! Love the stamped silverware and your photos of the stones and the palms too!

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I love how you had a little get away with your daughter.


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