Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Happy List: Shopping, Roadrunner & Green Beans

Seeing these lovely vintage baskets in an antique shop the other day reminded me of spring. I was tempted to get one but I don't think I could decide which one I liked the best. Too many choices.

There's an antique dealer who has booth space at two local shops. I go to see her buttons. This time I found spectacular bling!

I also found this bunny pillow kit during one of my shopping expeditions

and finally got it put together.

Oh, I love how having a blog helps me to get things accomplished!

Dan was in Arizona and snapped a photo of a roadrunner. It was fun for me to see because the only roadrunner I've ever known has been the one on the Saturday morning cartoons.

And finally, speaking of Dan, he cooked the cottage ham recipe I mentioned here. It was simply delicious! I am grateful to have a husband who will shop and cook - yes, he will do both! 

Chef Dan

What is on your happy list this week?


  1. The bunny is sweet! You blogging about antiques is making me yearn for Brimfield ( a week of antiquing with they say 4000 dealers only 40 miles from my house).
    Also a great blog to check out about button is

  2. Lots of 'happys' on your end.

    Blogging motivates me. I got a few things made this week because I wanted to have some projects for a post.

  3. Patty, I hope you do not get much's terrible here. Tell your Dan, that women love a man that can cook. I tell my Teddy that there is nothing sexier than man doing dishes.... no, that ploy doesn't always work . LOL I like the buttons and the bunny. I can't wait to see what you do with those buttons. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. That bunny rabbit pillow is making me smile's so cute, Patty!

  5. Lots of nice happy things - really like the bling.
    Years ago, I had baskets of all kinds, many of them hanging in the kitchen. Got tired of the dusting etc. I finally sold most in yard sale and/or gave away.

  6. Beautiful buttons, and that dinner looks delicious. Husbands who cook are the best, and shopping is an added bonus!

  7. I love your cute bunny. I remember making those and it was fun and easy. I used to have a cat like that...wonder where it is! lol I have a hubby that cooks some, nice it is! They are so handsome, aren't they? you both!

  8. I love that sweet bunny! And what a sweet husband you have.

    I follow a blog by a woman in Texas. She sometimes posts photos of roadrunners. They are fascinating.

  9. Your bunny is ALMOST as cute as Dan holding the ham. {Yummy!!} I really do like the pillow, though. I like that you like stuff I would like...If that makes any sense. LOL! XOXO

  10. Lucky you! In love with that pillow you made Patty, simply adorable!


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