Thursday, March 20, 2014

Princess Diana Suite

Life is full of suite surprises. I have a story to share with you about the Princess Diana Suite located on the 5th floor at The Drake Hotel in Chicago.

vignette of celebrities who have stayed at The Drake

Dan had booked a junior suite at The Drake when I recently went along with him on a business trip. He knows how much I love staying at The Drake and I've written about it before here. We were going to stay for two nights. So as we were walking down the hallway towards our room, we came to an alcove that housed two rooms. One of them was ours (room 555), and the other was the Princess Diana Suite.

Oh, how I wanted to see what was behind that door! I couldn't stop thinking about it! Actually, I was just thrilled to be staying next to where Princess Diana had once stayed. I have always felt a connection with her as we were about the same age and we had our boys, her William and my Danny, at the same time. Also, people used to say I resembled her a bit.

Dan & I in 2000

So after our first night in room 555, as I was on my way to the fitness center, I asked a hotel security guard if I could get a peek inside room 550. He graciously granted my wish and I was happy

After I returned to my room and was preparing to go out, I had a thought that the Princess Diana Suite would make for an interesting blog post. I wondered if I could take some pictures of it. Once again my wish was granted. I was very happy!

About 15 minutes later, there was a knock on our hotel door. Hotel personnel came to invite us to STAY IN THE PRINCESS DIANA SUITE FOR THE NIGHT! Dan said I screamed a little, and then I cried with excitement. We were given an envelope holding the keys to the Princess Diana Suite! It was hysterically funny how quickly we moved our things next door. I must say that room 555 was just lovely too. 

Room 555

One of the interesting things I have found about The Drake is that after staying there so many times, no two rooms seem to be the same. Each one has its own individual old world charm.


So, do you want to see what was behind door 550?

Lots of pretty things.

As you enter, this is the foyer. Straight ahead is the dining room. 

To the right is a long hallway that leads to the bed and bathrooms. Before entering the bedroom, on the left is a galley kitchen that passes through to the dining room, and on the right is a half bath.

To the left of the foyer are huge living room areas. I was told that the suite is often used for bridal parties.

The view outside the fourteen windows of the suite is fabulous.

Here is a picture of the galley kitchen that leads to the dining room.

Here are some pictures hanging in the half bath.

Before you enter the bedroom, there are two little alcoves across from each other with chairs and gorgeous chandelier sconces.

Here is the massive bedroom. You have to be standing in there to get the feel for how large it really is.

It was difficult to take pictures of the bathroom because it had so many mirrors - I would have been in all of them. But here is one of two vanities in the dressing area. There is another sink in the bathroom.

sink/vanity in dressing room

This is the other vanity in the dressing room, a gorgeous antique one. The lamps are built into beautiful ornate edging.

I really appreciate the details of wall sconces and light fixtures. These are in the bathroom.

This is a pretty vignette on the ledge of the whirlpool tub.

Moving on to other areas, I loved checking out all of the details, all of the decor and pictures on the walls. There were four large framed pictures of Princess Diana's stay throughout the suite on the walls. She stayed at The Drake only once, in 1996. She was there to raise money for cancer research for Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She wore a lovely lavender gown that day.

We ordered room service while there and enjoyed using the dining room.

I loved taking pictures of the fruit chandelier in there. I believe it was my favorite thing in the Princess Diana Suite. Second was the antique vanity.

Look at my crazy selfies. Dan said I look like I swallowed a mouse! He was so sweet in sharing my excitement with me.

I was told that plans are underway for updating the Princess Diana Suite. I'm so glad I got to stay there before the renovation so that I could see it just as Princess Diana saw it. 


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  1. That is a lovely place, if I'm ever in Chicago I will stay there but I would have to win lotto to be able to travel to the USA again.
    She was a lovely lady and yes you do look like her.

  2. Oh Patty how fun and what a beautiful room. So happy you got to enjoy the Princess Diana Room.

  3. O, Patty, I never knew hotels could be THIS elegant and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful place. I'm so thrilled for you to have been able to stay in that lovely room.

  4. How wonderful for you Patty! I so loved your little tour, I can do a little vicarious en-JOY-ment of the Drake through you.
    en-JOY a happy Spring,

  5. What a wonderful visit and so nice of the Drake to do this for you! I simply adore Princess Diana and I cried when I heard about her passing away. People are right in the resemblance Patty, you do look like her!!!! Woot! Woot!

    I enjoyed touring the room a lot and like you I too am in love with that fruited chandelier, so unique and so pretty. Whole room is perfect for our beloved Princess!

  6. Gorgeous stuff! I love it! I remember the Drake Hotel in the movie "My Best Friend's Wedding", and it looked just like your photos of room 555! Awesome!

  7. Wow! Thanks for the tour. What a beautiful place to stay - thanks for sharing it all with us.
    That was really nice the hotel staff moved you into the suite like that.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Hello from Spain: I adored Diana. She was beautiful and modern. You have much resemblance with her. This room was a great find. I collect pictures from magazines with Princess Diana. Her death was a great loss. I cried. I am happy to see your photos in this room where Diana slept. I can see your joy. Keep in touch

  9. Oh my gosh Patty! That is incredible!!!!!

    You are one lucky girl!

    I wonder was the dress that Diana was wearing a Catherine Walker? She favoured that designer - Walker even designed the dress she was buried in.

  10. What fun!!! Thank you for a lovely tour ;)

  11. Just incredible! I have always been fascinated by the British royals. In fact, I was one of those crazy people who watched a live stream of the hospital door this July just to catch a glimpse of Prince George. How lucky for you!

  12. Oh I love the interior! Great style!

  13. So glad you have such wonderful experiences my friend! You look like a princess <3

  14. WOW!!!! You are such a lucky duck, and you and Diana could be sisters!

    I appreciate the photo tour. How much fun!


  15. I enjoyed this. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing with us.


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