Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Happy List: Art, A Princess & A Big Boy

Here is Ashleigh's latest portrait charcoal drawing. It was a commission piece she drew of three sisters. It's really a huge piece (24x36) and we're very proud of her. 

Here is is framed.

Ashleigh Antle Art - Through Their Eyes: Portraits of Hollywood and Beyond - will be featured at the Art Bank on Mass Ave in Indy through the month of May. May 2nd is First Friday and opening night for Ashleigh's exhibit with entertainment from the band The Choir from Chicago.


I took a little trip to Cincinnati to go with my Mother to see the Princess Diana a Celebration exhibit I had mentioned here. I wasn't allowed to take photos while I was there but I can tell you that it was a beautiful story of her life. There were rooms full of her things and videos: of her childhood, her marriage, her magnificent wedding and beautiful gown, her designer dresses, her funeral and her charity work. I imagine it must have been a great experience for those who created the exhibit. Who wouldn't love working with Princess Diana's things? Both Mom and I were mesmerized with her wedding gown. So many beads and lace. It was so neat to be up close to it.

my Mom and me

At the end of the exhibit was a gift shop. I purchased these things knowing that this was the final stop for the exhibit and then everything would be turned over to Princess Diana's sons in England. 

I bought a commemorative book, mug and tea bags, and a heart ornament. It is showcased on my silver tray because it seemed like that was the right thing to do.

This beautiful mug symbolizes Princess Diana, the English Rose, sung by Elton John at her funeral.

This heart ornament makes me think of her bridal gown. So lovely and full of pretty things.

While I was in Cincinnati, I got to see my sister too and we ate at Frisch's Big Boy. We went to see sis's house and took a nice walk in the sunshine. She lives near where my grandmother lived so we walked to grandma's house too and reminisced. It was wonderful.


I've been exploring new places with a new friend! We ate breakfast at 

I was encouraged to get the Cinn-A-Waffle. Yep, it was delicious and I was on a sugar high all day long!

That same day we visited several shops and I was happy to find this chippy leaf tray at the Goodwill store. It looks great in my creative space. 

That's my happy list for this week! Do you have one too?


  1. Ashleigh is truly very talented! the drawing looks wonderful!

    Love your Princess Di items, I miss her a lot too, glad you got to go and had a wonderful time there!

  2. Oh, the memories you evoked with the Big Boy. In California, it was Bob's Big Boy and it was a Friday night ritual all through high school. We don't have many of them around anymore.

  3. What lovely photos Patty - the tray is perfect to display your treasures and seeing the wedding gown must have been incredible.

  4. Patty, The art piece is awesome. Very talented artist. You and your mom are cutie pies.:):) Glad you enjoyed time with her. xoxo,Susie

  5. Wow - Your daughter is very talented!
    Sounds like you really had an enjoyable time together - thanks for sharing it with us. Used to see the Big Boys statues in this area (Shoney's in this part of the country). Don't think I have seen one around in years.

  6. I read this on my Nook while in Des Moines on Wednesday. I cannot comment when I read on post on my Nook for some odd reason. I have to tell you in the midst of all my sorrow, Your daughter's picture just made me feel so warm. She has a true talent.


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