Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tea at the Elliott House

I attended another Downton Abbey tea but this time with my friend Anita. It was hosted by the Kokomo library and held at the Elliott House. I didn't have too far to travel this time! 

Anita and me at an Affair at the Elliott House

The arched front door of the Elliott House is beautiful in itself, but then it has a gorgeous stained glass window embedded in it that makes it truly unique.

Anita really dressed up for the occasion! She enjoys dressing up. Me not so much. 

Per the invitation, we knew there would be a prize for best dressed and I thought Anita had a good chance at winning. These were the nominees - one lady from each table.

First place went to the lovely lady, third from the left, in the above photo. Anita placed second and won a huge Downton Abbey tote! 

Each place setting had a different tea cup and saucer from various antique shops in the area.

I enjoyed seeing the window treatments throughout the home.

This lamp was in my frame of vision and I liked it too.

 The highlight of the day for me was sitting next to Lois.

Lois offered me a swig from her flask. 

She told us that she started drinking years ago when her husband ran off with his secretary. But he's dead now and she lives off of his money. From the looks of the photo below he was quite a bit older than her.

She had fictitious stories about several old photos she pulled out of her little vintage purse.

The secretary was sitting on Lois's husband's lap in the photo in Lois's right hand, thus the divorce. Yea, right, Lois. LOL

After the flask, she brought out the fan, then an old ink pen and a tiny tin of ointment for piles. I found it especially humorous since I recently wrote about piles here.

She had a Poll Parrot clicker (I remember them!), and because she was from Ohio, a buckeye for good luck.

It was so much fun watching her pull things out of her purse. We had some good laughs!

Thank you, Lois, for entertaining us!

Delicious tea and lunch was then served.

And dessert!

Have you seen the Downton Abbey jewelry? It was on display there.

 Before we left, Anita and I had our picture taken with the maid.

The Kokomo library did a fabulous job with the tea and it was obvious that everyone had a wonderful time. After the tea, Anita and I did a little vintage exploring while we were up in Kokomo (Anita changed back into a 21st Century lady first though). I have another post planned to show you what I found!

I just returned from a trip to Charlotte, North Carolina with Anita and have many things to share with you! 

Wishing you a lovely holiday weekend!

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  1. Patty, I think you and Anita look adorable. I love that room. The lady sure had some neat things.So funny too. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo, Susie

    1. FELICIDADES, por esta estupenda ambientación...
      Gracias por compartir :))))

  2. Sounds and looks like a fun time - thanks for sharing it with us.
    Hope you are enjoying the Holiday Weekend!

  3. Another amazing event! I love your dresses and hats and the jewelry is beautiful! What a grand time you had...and fun with the lady and her 'stories'! Enjoy your weekend my friend! (I have some photos of the seaglass we found on my blog now!) Hugs, Diane

  4. What pretty ladies you all are and what a fun tea! That Lois looked like she was a hoot!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. That looks like it must have been such fun - gorgeous surroundings and great company!

  6. Oh, this looks like it was so much fun. You find so many fun activities! I think it is great how you are making the most of your retirement and look forward each time you post.

  7. both look adorable and it was just like stepping back in time reading this post.
    I know it was sooo fun...and I hope our town will do this fun event sometime. I sure will be dressed all up for it, if they do.
    xoxo bj

  8. Hello from Spain: nice decor. You were very beautiful and elegant. Great event. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  9. Fun!! I love it, I just love it. :-)
    You look wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  10. So much Fun! I'm a huge fan of Downton and I would love to go to a similar party someday! Glad you had fun dear!

  11. What a fun filled day! I love tea and my favorite tea co. has Downtown Abbey tea. I have sampled a few and want to purchase a canister of it.I have never seen Downtown Abbey but have several friends who are faithful followers. I loved visiting you here and HPS to you. Enjoy the weekend.


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