Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hamilton County Museum of History in Noblesville, Indiana

I'm on a museum kick. I toured the Hamilton County Museum of History on Conner Street in Noblesville, Indiana. The building was the Old Hamilton County Sheriff's Residence and jail built in 1875-1876. The Hamilton County Historical Society has restored most of the interior and developed the museum for the citizens of Hamilton County. I was eager to see the old jail.

As you enter, you see this beautiful room filled with vintage decorations and accessories.

Here is a peek into the kitchen.

What would be an Indiana kitchen be without the Hoosier kitchen cabinet?

These artifacts were in the upstairs hallway.

The bedroom...

Now, onto the jail...The bottom left photo shows the door to the entrance of the "book-in" room. The center photo is the book-in room and the right photo is the entrance to the jail.

Also in the book-in room is the last metal front page of the local newspaper.

Charles Manson stayed here!

Not very pleasant surroundings!

The women's cells were upstairs. There is a petrified woman prisoner up there. LOL

You can see the outside windows of the jail in the photo below.

With my love for vintage things, I think I have discovered a new interest now. First of all, I must join the Historical Society. Secondly, I might be checking out all of the museums in Indiana.


  1. I love touring preserved historic houses Patty (even jails), thanks for taking us along!

  2. I love that you are touring your own state.

    I am thinking that once you have seen everything you need to see in Indiana, it will be time to move to Carlsbad.

  3. How interesting. We've been to a few old jails ...not IN them...just visiting! Always makes you think though, doesn't it? Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  4. Hello from Spain: a very interesting story. Nice historical photos .. We keep in touch


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