Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hiking Traders Point Creamery

The thing I like the most about being a part of the Indianapolis Hiking Club is exploring places that I didn't know existed. This week we hiked on the Traders Point Creamery farm which is located just a couple miles west of I-465 off of 86th Street in Zionsville, Indiana. What a neat place for a hike, and knowing we would have lunch (and maybe ice cream) afterwards there made it all the more interesting!

There are four historic barns from Hoosier farms on the property. The main one that houses The Loft Restaurant Creamery and Farm Store came from Bluffton, Indiana and was built in the 1860s. It now houses their farm-to-table restaurant, cheese production, dairy bar and farm store that sells their award-winning organic, 100% grassfed milks, yogurts, and cheese.

As we started on our hike, the first thing we saw were the Brown Swiss cows grazing in the grass.

I can see why cows are interesting objects for painters due to their various shades of color and unique shape.

The hikers are a friendly group. We talk while we walk which makes getting exercise fun!

We hiked through the woods along a narrow path.

I really had to pay attention to the trail before me, not only because it had rained that morning and the path was wet and slippery, but also it was very close to the edge and it would have been easy to fall down a cliff and get hurt.

The trees had interesting shapes too.

When we got back to the Loft Restaurant, we walked through the Milking Parlor barn. It was built in the 1870s and came from Geneva, Indiana. It was originally a pig sty but today it is a parlor for milking 50-60 Brown Swiss cows every day.

Then we went to get something to eat.

We had a delicious lunch in their vintage restaurant.

I had organic greens from the garden and a steak and cheese sandwich.

I checked out the cheese in the Farm Store before I left.

  And yes, I got a chocolate milk shake especially prepared for me at the Dairy Bar.

The other two barns are The Big Red Barn and the Equipment Barn. The Big Red Barn is a sister barn to the Milking Parlor and it is used as a rustic-chic event space and for keeping animals during winter. The Equipment Barn was a stallion barn from Indianapolis. As the name implies, it is used for farm equipment storage.

I really enjoyed this hike. The weather was cool, about 65 degrees after raining through the night and on and off through the day. That's two hikes for me now so far this year. I'm on a roll!


  1. I would love a group like that - and what a beautiful location :-)

  2. What GREAT, GREAT fun, Patty! I really love that place. Growing up on a dairy farm we milked 50 head a day so I know what that is like! Sounds like you walked enough to work off the steak/cheese sandwich AND the milkshake. lol I LOVE Zionsville, Indiana. Do you live close to there? Do you know Jen Kershner-The Cottage Nest? She lives right in Zionsville and I have loved following her.

    Have a great day! xo Diana

  3. Wow, what a pretty place! Love the squiggly tree :) Thanks for coming to say hi :) Wish we had some of that green in Las Vegas :) Have a great weekend!



  4. I love the idea of a hiking group exploring places in your own area. I don't know if there are any places like this in my area.

    I love the grounds of the dairy - the pillars on the sign are great.

  5. This is one of those places that seems to make us appreciate the simpler things in in life. It is fun to see where those things, like milk, cheese and greens come from and not just the shelves of the grocery stores and supermarkets. This is exactly the type of place I so enjoy. I really enjoyed your post and the great pictures you posted!

  6. The idea of a group that hikes and explores locally sounds like so much fun. I didn't even know of that creamery, looks like a neat place-great pictures!

  7. A hike with lunch and a chocolate milkshake at the end is my sort of hike!

  8. Hello from Spain: exercising with friends is always fun. Great pics. Keep in touch


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