Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Indy 500 Race is...Over!

Last Wednesday, I finally joined in on my first hike of 2014 with the Indianapolis Hiking Club. We started at Leonard Park and walked through the streets of Speedway to our destination of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Even though the race was over, it was a neat time to take this hike as there still was excitement in the air with Ryan Hunter-Reay winning his first Indy 500 race. 

On Monday, the morning after the race, Indy TV news stations announced that non-profit organizations were cleaning up the debris left over after the race as fundraisers. We weren't allowed to go near the track because that was still going on on Wednesday. 

We did, however, get to walk to the museum and see photos from the race on the second floor.

See the water fountain in the photo below? It was such a welcome relief to us weary travelers as it was already hot and humid at 10:30 AM. Some of the hikers got their hands wet or wiped their faces. It was refreshing! 

There were a few people inside the building milling around, some of them waiting to go on a tour of the museum and grounds.

We walked upstairs to the Photo Library

and saw this wall of winners.

It was an enjoyable visit for me as I have lived in Indianapolis for twenty years and have never been inside this building. The other hikers were talking about how they had already seen everything. Some Hoosier I am. LOL

As we were walking, we were talking about how you see things you don't see when you are in the car, such as these trees. I appreciate groups of threes, like this.

There were a couple cars going around on the track and they were loud. I cannot imagine how loud it must have sounded with 33 cars going around and around during the race. This picture was taken outside the wire fence.

After visiting the race track area, we headed back to Leonard Park.

We walked the streets of Speedway and enjoyed seeing the race day decorations

and beautiful flowers in the yards.

Now that I'm revved up, I look forward to my next hike with the Indianapolis Hiking Club!


  1. What a fun hike. I am betting that fountain felt WONDERFUL on a face or hands! Great museum and what a fun place to tour...and hike! xo Diana

  2. Fun Patty! Good for you, for going on those hikes I need to get myself in gear too!!
    xo Kris

  3. What a nice route for your hike. I enjoyed the photos. Hugs, Dianne

  4. Hello from Spain: I really like walk. It is very healthy. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  5. Walking is so good for you, that a pretty good looking speedway and I like the museum and photo library too.

  6. What a neat hike! Who says hike always have to be nature trails, look at all the beauty inside the speedway. I love the photos. Thanks Patty!


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