Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Trip to Chicago & Frankfort, Indiana

I recently got my Chicago fix when I joined Dan on a business trip. We stayed at The Drake Hotel. The late September weather that week was really fabulous. Chicagoans were relishing in the last bit of enjoyable weather. Some were walking the streets wearing T-shirts and shorts, and some bare-chested guys were playing volleyball on the beach.

There are always a few things I have to do once I step inside The Drake Hotel: check out the huge floral centerpiece in the hotel lobby (where soon an enormous Christmas tree will stand), marvel at the chandelier, gaze at the tea room cherub fountain and note any other fresh flowers sitting around. As you can see, the lobby was colorful and ready for Fall!

a close up of one of the cherubs in the tea room fountain

We had appetizers on the 11th floor overlooking Lake Michigan. Outside the doors of the Drake stood this pretty Fall vignette. Oh, and I always have to check out the wonderful Gothic style Fourth Presbyterian Church across the street when I'm there. 

I'm not much for shopping anymore unless I am going for a specific thing that I need or want, or if vintage things are involved, but I do enjoy walking The Magnificent Mile. I did so while Dan did his business. A few blocks from The Drake I came upon the American Girl store located in the Water Tower Place. The sewing supplies in the store window (thread, buttons, pincushions) caught my eye.

Aren't these pin cushions adorable?

These miniature petit fours also caught my eye. So I entered the store and stayed for quite awhile.

I reminisced about when Ashleigh played with these gorgeous dolls and accessories. Look at this ice cream parlor that is available now. I wanted to purchase one outright, but then remembered she is in her mid 20's and the only grandchild I have is a boy. 

Back in the 1990s I couldn't wait for Santa to bring Ash American Girls paraphernalia. This baby blue Volkswagon Beetle car would certainly have been in our home had it been available then. LOL

These are a couple of the dolls Ash had: Addy Walker and Bitty Baby, to name a few. I don't know where Addy is but Bitty Baby still looks brand new sitting in my creative space twenty years later. 

As I was meandering around the store, I texted pictures to Ash while she was trying to get her work done at the office. haha This is one I sent her since Ash recently acquired a dog.

Of course we stopped on the way to and from Chicago at the Fair Oaks Farms for nourishment. I wrote about FOF once before here.

We also stopped in Frankfort on the way home to check out an antique shop in the Indiana Antique Guide: Simple Thyme. It is located on the town square.

Here are some things I saw inside the shop.

My Indiana Antique Guide came through again with another great antique shop.

Over the Back Fence is another antique shop on Frankfort town square.

This was an enjoyable getaway with Dan. 

Do you like to visit Chicago? Have you gotten away for a few days lately?


  1. Hello from Spain: Chicago is a great city. I wish to travel to America. Far from Europe. Your lucky you are traveling with your husband. Awesome hotel. Nice shops buttons and dolls. Fabulous Volkswagon car. In December I will be traveling with my husband to capital of my country, Madrid. He has work and I'll tourism. I love to see the shops in other cities. I like watching people from other cities. Keep in touch

  2. I didn't save much of my girl's dolls and toys, but we do have 2 bins full of American Girl clothes, dolls and furniture. We were a little to late in the process to enjoy the stores, but would have loved going to a tea party there for sure :-)

  3. I've never been to Chicago but I know there must be lots to do there...it's a big city! I love the American doll store and would have gone a little nuts there! haha! What a fun trip! Hugs, Diane

  4. I love downtown Chicago (to visit) but you could not pay me to deal with the daily traffic there. I have never been to the American Girl doll place but I would love to go with our SweetCheeks before she is too old to go. I have done lots of sewing for those dolls over the years.

    The Drake is spectacular!!!! I am so glad you had a good time- you deserved the break! xo Diana

  5. Patty, I love the Drake. I love Chicago too. My daughters and I have gone the mile at Christmas. What were we thinking?? LOL. I love those dolls so much. Two of my granddaughters have one. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Your trip was wonderful looks like to me , My favorite was the rag type dolls in the vintage store Simple Thyme, I have a couple of those someplace in this house ? going to go look for them I use to love the primitive look
    The American Girl doll stores are so fun and I love those buttons on display in that store window

  7. Hi Patty, looks like you had a fabulous time! I have only been in the Chicago airport. It's on my list of 'places I want to see sometime'. I enjoyed all of the photos you shared!

  8. I loved the trip, I didn't even have to unpack! Thanks for showing us so many fun sites.
    The dolls are amazing!

  9. Oh, I am so glad you were able to have a lovely getaway with Dan. Every couple deserves a wonderful getaway in Chicago. I do not know what it is about Chicago I love. Going shopping where you went is on my bucket list. Of course I will have to have a reason to shop too. LOL The Drake Hotel is breath taking. I love your post. They just make me so happy.

  10. I designed and installed the American Girl windows in your photos--thanks for sharing!


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