Monday, October 20, 2014

Indiana Antique Guide: Covington Serendipity

On the last beautiful Fall day in Indiana, Dan said, "let's go to one of your little towns in the Indiana Antique Guide." I chose to explore Covington, which is west of Indianapolis. What a fun day it was discovering Covington. There are two antique shops that I want to share with you today.

The first one is House With the Lions ANTIQUES on 314 Liberty Street on the town square. 

Many lions and mounted animal heads...

and dolls of all kinds can be found there.

I really enjoyed shopping here.

This is what I took home with me: old photos to use in my crafting, an interesting oval frame and a card of delicate lace.

Then I went across to the south side of the town square to Glorie Bee Antiques at 314 Liberty Street. 

Glory Bee!! Once in awhile I run into the proprietor who is very special and Gloria was one of them. I had the grandest visit with her. This is the first thing you see when you enter and I found it especially inviting because I LOVE dining room tables filled with fine china. The mannequin at the head of the table is the mascot of the shop.

The windows are intriguing with an adorable witch and original Wendy and Michael figures from Peter Pan.

I really enjoyed dancing around the store.

There's a lovely garden out back.

I purchased this beautiful paperweight that came from an estate sale.

Then we ate dinner at the Beef House. It seems everyone I am talking to has experienced this restaurant before me. Where have I been?

I've found a new place to take friends when they visit me: Covington & the Beef House. Look at the size of these rolls. Dan put his fist beside them to show you how really huge they are. 

The rustic environment makes you feel like you are on a retreat, away from it all. We really enjoyed our visit there and will be going back soon for sure!

We didn't make it to the shops in Eugene or Cayuga. Maybe next time.


  1. Patty - What a great little town you discovered there. I LOVE that 2nd shop. There is just something homey and wonderful about it. You can almost feel the happy spirit of the owner. Glad you found some fun things and that is a great picture of you and your hubby. xo Diana

  2. What fun!! I wish my husband would indulge me, and come along on one of my antique shop hops!
    xo Kris

  3. Patty, what great fun places. I really like that your husband goes with you on these adventures. He seems to be enjoying himself. Blessings to you both, xoxo,Susie

  4. Hi Patty!
    I'm so loving reading about all your travels, so much fun. How lovely your husband can share it with you too. Hah! Love those gigantic rolls.

    I'm having a little GIVEAWAY. :)

    Happy week to you!

  5. Thanks for sharing your road trips with us. I always see lots of eye candy, but know I need to get back on my decluttering and not add.

  6. Oh you found a little gold mine! Little towns like this are so adorable. The first store, I loved the chalkboard sign. I laughed when I read it, but the second one Glorie Bee, I loved everything about the pictures you shared. Thank you for sharing your little trip. Oh, the dinner rolls were huge!

  7. What a fun time this must have been, Patti! My kind of places, for sure. Isn't it fun when you find diamonds like those shops and that Beef House restaurant, as well? Being a Disney fan, I love those Wendy and Michael figures! Those rolls look delicious and they really are huge! Thanks for sharing with us your trip and the things you found.

  8. I've not been to Indiana since I was a child and then just passing through, but all your antique shop posts make me want to visit!


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