Tuesday, October 7, 2014

iPhoneography Class

This past weekend I took an iPhoneography class at Conner Prairie (an outdoor living history museum), taught by Rad A. Drew. Since I have found that I use my iPhone pretty much exclusively for taking photos for my blog, I wanted to learn how to use it more effectively. Some of the things we learned in class were: using iPhone apps such as Snapseed, Bracket Mode, AutoStitch, Impressions, Vintage Scene, Retouch and Frontview; and practicing taking photos using the panoramic setting on the camera.

The most exciting thing I learned was how to edit photos directly on my iPhone. Instead of having to download my photos to iPhoto on my Mac and then edit them in PicMonkey, I can now edit them directly on my iPhone using the app Snapseed. That will save me a step. Also, I think this will save me time as I can edit photos right away instead of having to sit down at my computer and do it later.

After an hour and a half of class, we were given time to go out onto the Conner Prairie grounds to practice taking photos using what we learned in class. Conner Prairie was a great place to take photos as you can see. Here are some I edited via Snapseed.

The collage below shows an example of a before and after photo editing with Snapseed

We learned how to take a series of photos in the Bracket Mode app

and then use the Autostitch app to blend them into one photo. Then I edited the photo in Snapseed

and used the Impressions app to apply my signature to my photo.

When Rad mentioned the Vintage Scene app, my ears perked up since I have an affinity for vintage things. There are so many ways to change the picture to give it a vintage look with this app. I don't know how much I will use it though since Snapseed includes a vintage filter in it as well.

Another app that I got excited about is Retouch. In the photo below, I removed the small white paper sign that is at the entrance of the stagecoach in the photos above. Do you see the difference? It's magic!

Frontview brings what you want to the forefront. I don't know how else to describe it but you can see in the collage below what it can do.

Besides learning about apps, we practiced taking panoramic photos. I've never felt comfortable taking panos until now. I think I will be using this feature much more.

And finally I learned some things like taking burst photos. When taking a photo, you hold the shutter button down and it will take multiple shots. When I told my son about this he said, oh yeah, I know about that. You probably do too, but it was something I probably forgot about. This is helpful during action shots so you can choose which one you like the best.

We also talked about HDR which makes the best photo out of two. Here are more photos I took and then developed in Snapseed that day. I used PicMonkey to make the collages.

This was a steep learning curve for me. I was overwhelmed at first with all of the apps but once I used them a bit, I saw that they were pretty simple to figure out. It just takes practice like everything else.

One of the most special things about taking this class was that my son had gifted me with iTunes $$$ for Mother's Day. When I wanted to download an app right there in class, the money was there for me. I called him on the way home from the class to thank him again for the thoughtful gift.


  1. Hi Patty, WOW! What a wealth of info on an IPhone! Never knew one could take a class on learning such photo information! Your pics are beautiful....love the area and buildings~~~Blessings~~Roxie

  2. Gosh, so much fun to see what can be done with photo imaging these days. Love the old fashioned feel of the covered wagon photos. Plus, isn't it wonderful to have historically recreated places to go visit? I love doing that. And I love that the guides/volunteers wear period costumes, and, in my case at some of the British stately homes, demonstrate the old techniques. :D

  3. Hi Patty
    Wow! Your photos are fantastic! I had no idea what good photos you can take with an iPhone - mine are awful. What a great place for a class too. Enjoy!

  4. Your photos really are wonderful! And this is so interesting that I read it to hubby. We are getting ready to get new phones and wondering about the photos. It sure would be nice to just have my phone with me for everything! Hugs!

  5. This is very helpful Patty, thank you so much. I downloaded Snapseed a couple of months back but have never really used it all that much, I'm glad you showed and taught us about the different photo editing apps out there!

  6. Thanks for sharing your class. I will definitely will get snapseed and impressions. I have gotten apps before and they turn out to be useless. These look great! Thanks again for sharing your class info!

  7. These are great! I love them all, especially the old buildings and fences.

  8. Beautiful photos! I admire you for pursuing photography ~ I love it but not sure I have the patience for it. I also wanted to say that the moons you shared with Diana are adorable! You really are talented ~

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Taking a class on I Phone photography is a great idea. I have the feeling Im probably only using about 10%of my phones capabilities.

  10. Hello from Spain: great pics. Very interesting. Nice vintage tour. Keep in touch


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