Friday, October 24, 2014

My Happy List: Art, a Book, and Pretty Chairs

1. Ashleigh Antle Art: Here is one of Ashleigh's latest commissioned charcoal drawings. Dan had her draw his colleague's family to take with him on his business trip to Korea. Her art always makes me happy. The recipients of this drawing were happy too!

He also took these buttons with him of their little darling I made for them to wear.

2. Reading a Book: I am happy to announce that I read my first book in several years (I know that's terrible but I'd rather be crafting). I felt rushed to get it done because Dan wanted to see the movie. It was good. We made a date night out of it. After seeing the movie we ate at Houlihan's.

3. Reupholstering old Ethan Allen furniture: We got the dining room chairs reupholstered. Also, one of the loose chairs was glued and tightened. Just in time for the holidays!

Who has a 1950s metal dollhouse on their dining room table? ME!! I can enjoy seeing the front when I walk into the kitchen and see the inside and furniture when I leave the kitchen!

All was done in one week. In you live in Indy and need reupholstering done, R. E. Rhyne Co. does FABULOUS work! They have made many of our pieces like new and they get it done not only beautifully but VERY QUICKLY! 

4. I returned to WeightWatchers (WW) and lost 6 pounds in my first week using the Simple Start program! No counting of anything this time and it works if the right foods are eaten. I have been preparing all kinds of WW recipes including the chocolate smoothie (I made it with milk in the blender - no ice even). When I went to drink it I warned myself to not be too excited but I was pleasantly surprised - it tasted to me like malted milk! I was HAPPY! 

While at my meeting, I heard a member talk about keeping safe snacks in her car. After tasting the smoothie, I remembered that and decided to make a travel kit myself. Here is what I included in it: microwave popcorn, Crystal Light, Cream of Wheat, WW chocolate smoothie (it can be made with water too), and my favorite tea bag. I hope to have the willingness to keep at this so I will continue to be HAPPY!

5. Old photo fun: Here I am in my earlier days. While searching for a photo, I came across some silly old photo booth pictures that were taken at Walgreens in the late 1960's. Do you remember when Walgreens had a restaurant? On Sundays, my Father took our family downtown Cincinnati to attend church and then dinner at Walgreens. Did you wear those thick stretchy headbands too? Love the memories it all brings back.

What is on your happy list this week?


  1. Patty, Your daughter's art work is outstanding. Great job on the chairs. You are so cute in your head band. :):) xoxo,Susie

  2. Frist off- What GREAT artwork. The recipients are going to be so happy and surprised! I love the chairs- they turned out great. Good job on the WW, too. My son has kept about 50 pounds off for several years and if he goes up a few pounds he just goes back to counting points. It's a good sound program.

    LOVE those silly pictures of you. I never saw a Walgreens until a few years ago. xo Diana

  3. Hello from Spain: great family portrait in charcoal. The face buttons are adorable. You are very creative. I like the new upholstery of your chairs. Your house is very beautiful and elegant. I like the mini doll house you have on the coffee table. I also have thick elastic headbands. Nice picture of your youth. Keep in touch

  4. Patty, every time I see one of your daughter's pieces of art, I am in awe. She is so truly gifted. What a lovely thing to be able to do! The charcoal is studding! They will be ecstatic over it. And the cute darling!!
    About Gone Girl....we saw the movie. Weird. Long. Entertaining. But weird! How did you like the book. My daughter loved it. I used to be a voracious reader. I don't read nearly as much anymore, as I, like you, am always crafting. But I do love a good book!
    Love the new chairs in the black fabric! Tis time to think about the holidays.....GAH!!!
    xo Kris

  5. I am finally back among the living and catching up on my reading.

    I love your Happy List. I too loved Gone Girl, but KC's boyfriend told Steve he would hate the movie so we haven't seen it.

    I am so excited that your Etsy shop is open. I need to check it out.

  6. Hi Patty, her artwork really is wonderful. What a talent! I have been wanting to see Gone Girl. I'll settle for just seeing the movie. lol! Your chairs turned out lovely and the dollhouse on the table is quirky fun! I have one up in my bonus room, but would not have thought to do that. Very clever! Love your photo booth pic. I have some from various ages. Always fun looking back and having fond memories!

  7. What a talent you have in your family!
    Ashleigh's charcoal sketch of that beautiful family is amazing.
    I'm not sure how old she is but she's obviously going places with her art - of to be that creative!

    I haven't read Gone Girl either, so maybe I'll see the movie and then decide.
    I've already got two books on the go, I daren't pick up another!
    Did you enjoy the movie Patty?

    Your elegant Chippendale dining chairs look amazing with the make-over - a lovely choice of fabric!

    I'm struggling with my weight too at the mo - WHY OH WHY do I love food so much!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a lovely Sunday

  8. I'm your new follower, Patti. Stopping in from Diane's Lavender Dreamer. Such pretty things!

  9. Hi Patty!
    Your daughter is so talented, what a lovely drawing and wonderful gift!
    You're so cute, what a darling photo. YES, I wore those headbands too. I can remember having some with embroidery even.
    My package arrived today YIPPIE! Everything is so darling, thank you. :)


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