Monday, December 1, 2014

Melody of Love

I really enjoy the creative process. It takes quite a bit of time to design a project, but the satisfaction it brings cannot be measured. I'll show you how I transformed the card on the left into the card on the right. 

I was intrigued with this image from The Graphics Fairy and wanted to use it on a Valentine's Day project. 

I decided to put it on a card, but it looked too plain with the first draft on the left. As I was going through vintage music sheets, I found this Melody of Love tune and scanned it into the computer. I traced and detached the GF image on the Silhouette Cameo and put the words Happy Valentine's Day onto the large red heart. I didn't like the font so I changed it and still knew I had work to do on this card. I get a certain feeling of satisfaction when I know I have completed a project and it hadn't happened yet.

Then just as they say peanut butter and chocolate came together by chance to make Reese Cups, as I was cleaning up my workspace on the Cameo, I noticed that the inside of the heart had been cut out during the process of tracing and detaching the image. I thought about putting the title of the song inside the heart so I pieced two sheets of the music together so the song title could fit inside of the heart. Then I noticed that the ladies arm needed work and some parts of the red in the heart weren't there, so I went back to the drawing board and worked more on the image, bringing the black back to her arm and hand and a little piece of red to the heart.

A large rhinestone was added to jazz up the flower. Then I knew I had completed this card. 

With Christmas just around the corner, I'm thinking ahead a little bit.

What is your creative process?


  1. How clever! I love that card and the finishing touch of the rhinestone. Plus, I always like to see a musical score. I love music and maps.

  2. First I have to say that I am impressed that you are ahead of the game and working on Valentine's Day, but you have to now that you have a shop.

    I love seeing the creative process. I am like that with my projects. Tweaking goes on and on until I just know that it is right.

    I love the card.

  3. That's really lovely Patty. Homemade cards are always the keepers for me and I treasure them much more than store bought ones. I bet loads of people feel that way. :D

  4. Your card is beautiful, Patty! I like learning about others' creative processes. When I am writing or editing photos, I believe that with time and focus, the project will come together. I believe in the process.

  5. How pretty! I sew and craft when the mood hits me! And I love it! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  6. Interesting to see the steps you took to find the final version. I hadn't really thought about it, but I guess I do the same thing. I start with my "inspiration " piece, usually an image or a bag of lace or fabric and just start playing , going back and forth until its "right" or I'm tired of it!

  7. Very pretty Patty! There is a lot of talent in your family! I just read your Thanksgiving post too. How neat that the kids came to your place! I am sure your grandson loved all of those things you did to make their stay special! No photos of the baby???
    : ( XO Kris

  8. So cute! Melody of Love sounds like a Broadway Musical. CUTE craft!

  9. Well done, I love your card. It's very pretty and it was so interesting to see the different steps you took to recreate it.

    Oh and to answer your question, that picture of the dog reading the newspaper was found by surfing the web. I only wish I could take pictures like that. Have a wonderful day... :)

  10. Hello from Spain: nice proposals. Well done. Lovely. The next weekend my creative process with Christmas decorations will adorn my house. Keep in touch

  11. Beautiful transformation! How wonderful to use the image but make it entirely your own! I have so much fun working with pretty papers and arranging them to create something that I find visually matter what I do, I always come back to collage!


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