Friday, December 12, 2014

My Happy List: Acquisitions

1. Here are Ashleigh's latest commissioned pieces. They are portraits of one of my dearest friend's two sons. We're so glad they got completed in time for the holidays. We love how she captured Brad's beard. And Ashleigh remarked that Beau must be a really cool guy since he has Bill Murray on his shirt. Ha!

2. Dan returned home from a business trip bearing gifts from his Chinese colleagues. The beautiful black and gold paisley silk scarf was packaged in the gorgeous box and bag. What a treat it was but it doesn't seem fair that he does all the work and I get the gift! Or does it? LOL

He also brought tea in this really interesting round disc like package. I don't think it will get unwrapped. It's way too cool the way it is.

3. Having an Etsy Shop is really giving me the freedom to be even more creative than before. Also, I'm enjoying connecting with other shop owners and seeing all the amazing talent that is out there.

4. If anyone would have told me I would be making doggie toys, I wouldn't have believed them!

I found this braided toy that required no sewing (directions are here).

5. And finally, Thank God for girlfriends

Here are some special treats I received for my birthday.

And the other day I received a Christmas package from my friend Becky.

I love this adorable happy card with ribbon and glitter. I think I may frame it.

It was filled with little trinkets from her recent trip to Japan. She also sent me Benefit lip gloss. I had written about the Benefit display that I saw at the airport on a recent trip. It was sweet of her to remember and send this to me.

So that's my happy list for this time. How about you? What's on your happy list lately?


  1. LOVE seeing Ashleigh's artwork. She is so talented! The Audrey tags are so, so, cute….and bubblegum in Tiffany blue, no less!!! LOVE them!

    Great Happy List!!!

  2. I just fall in love all over again every time I see Brad and Beau's portraits. Ashleigh did an excellent job and I can't wait for the guys to see them! You are such a good friend Patty - so blessed that we met!! And I'm sure you noticed that little blond haired doll is a nurse just like you! And I love the dog toys! You are so ingenious!!

    Y'all have a very Merry Christmas! Love, Becky

  3. Patty, Your daughter is so talented. She takes after you.:):) Great pictures. I like the things your husband brought home form his trip. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I wonder if that disc is tea. They sell it like that in Asia. Love how they package things. Always such attention to detail. Not happy that I have to go back to school tomorrow. Just get me to June and then I'm done. Then I'll be really, really happy. Best wishes, Tammy

  5. Beautiful artwork! Don't you just love the packaging from Asian countries…When I was in japan I was amazed at how much effort they put into packaging and wrapping! Happy Holidays

  6. Hi Patty,
    Your daughter is so amazingly talented, so wonderful!
    You lucky, such lovely and charming gifts from overseas, just beautiful.
    Your granddoggie will love their new toy - adore the name Tangerine, so cute. (Our neighbors named one of their dogs Potato, makes me smile every time.)
    Glad you're having so much fun with Etsy! My girlfriend adored her kitty things, she was so happy to receive them.
    Happy holidays!

  7. Hello from Spain: Your daughter is so fabulous . Awesome Artwork. I like the things your husband brought house form his trip. Nice pics. Keep in touch


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