Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sewing Paper and Cloth Banners

How are you doing? I've made a couple of new things lately and didn't make the connection until I started writing this post that they are both banners that were made with my sewing machine. 

Actually, the first one is a garland. I've seen die cuts sewn together and have been wanting to experience making one myself. I haven't sewn paper very much with my sewing machine so I was a bit skeptical about the results of this project. I started with two different shades of pink card stock, then punched the butterfly shapes and finally stitched them together at a 3 inch interval. I was pleasantly surprised and happy with my butterfly garland! Here they are strung on an old lamp base for you to see. 

One trick I learned is to keep the string pulled tight while sewing the stitches. You can space the shapes as far apart as you like. I used 12 of the light pink and 12 dark pink butterflies and it made a 72 inch garland. Also, THE GARLAND CAN GET TANGLED VERY EASILY! Be sure to wind it on a piece of cardboard as you sew or it will become a tangled mess (like it did the first time I tried it).

I've also been wanting to make doily banners. We've been in our home for nine years now and our laundry room window needed a little dressing up. I thought I'd add a little something to give the illusion of a valance: a small doily garland.

It took me such a long time to try this because of my unwillingness to  cut my precious doilies in half. I knew that once I cut them, I couldn't put them back together again just like Humpty Dumpty. But once I got started, I found it to be very easy to make as it takes but simple sewing skills. I attached the doilies with an old piece of linen.

I left 12 inch ends to tie it to the window blinds.

I really love to sew, but getting myself to the machine to do it is tough. Once I get going though, I love the results! My mother was a sewing teacher while I was growing up, so I learned all of the fundamentals of sewing at an early age. I am always grateful to my mom for that! 

I have collected many doilies on my antiquing trips last year and I'll probably make some for my Etsy shop. 

Try making these bannerss. I think you will find them to be fun and easy to make. Maybe you won't have as much difficulty cutting up your doilies and getting to your sewing machine! 


  1. I love banners...I am not a curtain person and banners help soften windows with blinds and no toppers.
    Yours are adorable...:)

  2. I think banners add such a pretty touch to a room. I still need to try to figure out how to make a nautical banner for my lanai. Hugs!

  3. Hi Patty,
    Wow you have been so creative lately! I love the butterfly and doily banners you made. Hope you have a nice day and weekend.
    Julie xo

  4. Both lovely projects. I can see how the butterfly banner would get tangled, just like Christmas lights. I'd have a hard time cutting up doilies, but I don't sew so don't have to worry about that. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  5. The butterfly garlands are so cute Patty! Did you see my post on the mobiles? these butterflies would make darling mobile too!

  6. Love your doily banner, Patty, as well as the butterfly garland. I see lots of cloth handkerchiefs in thrift and vintage stores; wonder if anyone has figured out a use for these pretties (other than blowing your nose!)

  7. Love your latest projects! I've been making a few doily banners, too, and have tried the paper garlands, but haven't done any with larger, spaced-out pieces. If I do, hopefully I'll remember your good tip!

  8. Welcome to the wonderful world of sewing paper....isn't it wonderful!? Your butterfly garland is so nice and spring-y, and I love the idea of the doily banner to soften a window frame. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So funny that I popped in tonight. I am looking for banner ideas for my garden window. I am not sure what I want and the way we chose to hang it makes a banner a little difficult.

    I love your ideas.

  10. Hi Patty! I commented on this post several days ago, but I came back for another visit, and don't see my comment. I hope they are coming through to you! I enjoy your projects.


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