Friday, May 29, 2015

The Bahamas No. 3

This was our third trip to The Bahamas. Our first visit was in 2006 when we accompanied our son during spring break of his senior year in high school. Back in our day, we went to the Florida coast for our spring break, but our son and friends chose The Bahamas. Imagine that...we told him that we would gladly be chaperones for the trip! We had such a great time on Paradise Island! We stayed at the Atlantis Royal Towers when they were brand new. The Reef and the Cove hadn't been built yet. The last two times we stayed at the Cove Atlantis. I wrote about our last trip in 2013 here.

This mosaic of photos were taken from the cabana where we met up with our friends and spent most of our days at the Cove. It rained the first three days on and off, but that was okay with me. One of my favorite parts of the trip was looking at the gorgeous colors of the water in the ocean. Another favorite was how well the staff pampered us.

Our friends go there all the time. They've been there 17 times in the last four years! I'll tell you about the restaurants we visited first. Our friends always plan great dinners because they know the area so well. Our first night's dinner was at MESA Grill, which is connected to the Cove lobby. MESA Grill is Bobby Flay's restaurant. We heard it will be closing soon though.

The next evening we ate at Cafe Martinique, which is located just outside of the casino beyond the Royal Towers in the Marina village.

The third evening we at at the Dune Restaurant at the One and Only Ocean Club Luxury Resort. Earlier in the day the boys went fishing and caught a 30 pound Wahoo fish.

So the fourth evening, we ate the fish that was prepared at Montagu Gardens.

Here's Dan holding the catch of the day. The restaurant prepared it blackened, fried and grilled and included Caesar's salad, garlic bread, black beans and rice, green beans, and finished it off with key lime pie.

On our last night there, I got sick and couldn't join in on the fabulous dinner at Graycliff. 

I had mentioned in my last post that I got injured while there. On Tuesday, we all went on the Rapid River tubing ride. We had such a great time laughing, twirling around in the tubes, and making it through the waves. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go around again. That was my mistake. So four of us went again and I capsized on the first bend of waves. I was under water and hit my knee hard on a large boulder. I couldn't believe how bad it looked when I lifted my knee out of the water. I visited the nurse who wrapped it up for me. I'll spare you the gory details, but being a nurse, I couldn't help but be concerned with the long term issues of the injury. Time will tell... Here is a YouTube video taken by someone else of the Rapid River ride.

The broken winged bird visited us every day around 11 at the cabana in search of food. Though injured, I kept on smiling.

We journeyed down to the Royal Towers quite a bit, shopped, walked around and played the slots. The soda fountain at the bar in the Royal Towers had the best tasting diet coke ever. The cup of coke cost $5 but we kept saying to each other, We're on vacation!

The winged horses fountain, the scalloped domed ceiling in the Royal Towers, the mosaic pattern on the floor, the lobby of the Royal Towers. 

I took some panorama shots of our bath and hotel room at the Cove. All three couples stayed in the end rooms, one on top of the other. Our friends call them the dolphin suites because you get the most beautiful view of the dolphin cay below.

Here we were on our first day at the cabana.

And this was taken on my last day there. Bye Bahamas! See you next time!

I did fill my little journal with memories of the trip. In fact, it provided for a great reference for this blog post! If you would like to have a journal like this, here is where you can get one!

Have you been to The Bahamas? What was your favorite thing there?


  1. I am so happy you stayed at the Bahamas and loved it. Sorry that you got injured though. That is no fun at all. We used to rent scooters and go all over Nassau on them. I loved the area with the old forts and the old downtown area. That was years ago---don't know how safe downtown is anymore. xo Diana

  2. Sounds like a fabulous place….I have been a few times but never stayed at Atlantis. Your room looks lovely! Looks like you really banged your knee - hope it is feeling better!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! Looks so beautiful and that you had fun despite your knee hurting. I went years ago....looks like it's time for a return trip!

  4. I've never been but I know it's a fabulous place to vacation! I'm sorry you got hurt...hope it heals up quickly without any problems. Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. Patty, This looks like a great vacation. The food sounds amazing, the ocean and your suites are beautiful, and sound relaxing. Hope your knee heals quickly. Thanks for sharing, this was a fun post!

  6. Wow Patty! What a great trip you had. It is so beautiful there and the food sound great. The only thing bad was your injury and I hope you do not have any long term aches from it.

  7. We have never been to the Bahamas. Living on the west coast, the cost of airline tickets is prohibitive so we go to Hawaii instead.

    I am sorry that you were injured and hope all is well now.

  8. Sorry to hear about your injury but sounds like you had a wonderful trip. My son went to Cyprus for his Spring Break. It was hard letting my boy go to another country with friends on his own. Preparation for sending him off to college, I guess, which wasn't easy and still isn't every time I have to leave. Hope that knee is healing. Take care, Tammy


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