Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June Happy List

Father's Day was so much fun! Ashleigh and her dog, Tangerine, came over for the afternoon.

Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Antle

Ashleigh gave Dan the movie "Step Brothers" and we laughed our heads off while watching it. I cooked a meal for Dan for once. I felt bad for him that he had just returned from China the evening before and was pretty tired from the trip. I would have cooked anyway, really! 

I made "beef tenderloin" stir fry and blackberry jam cake (the cake - my MIL's old recipe from scratch).

I ran out and purchased some things for Tangerine's visit. I bought her a sun dress, a star and lovey baby toy, treats and a bed to lie on. She had a great time playing with the toys and tearing the squeakers out of them. What a good sport she was wearing the sun dress! It was so much fun to watch her!

For someone who was deathly afraid of dogs from an age 5 dog bite, I sure am enjoying this dog.


Moving along, I helped Karen organize the storeroom at the Logan Village Mall in Noblesville. It's always interesting to be a part of this process. While we were thinking about themes for the booth we found that there was an abundance of kitchen items. So while kitchen was our main theme, we are working on baby and other themes for the booth.

Karen gave me this woof! jar - for you can imagine who! I put it on the bottom shelf in the kitchen after I gave Tangerine a biscuit from it. She sniffed at it all afternoon wanting more!

There was a stack of local high school T-shirts in a pile in the storeroom and the thought of sewing them into totes came to my mind. Have you ever done that? I quickly made their transformation and will be taking them to the booth to sell. They are very easy to make! I used this video but you have to wait until it's almost over to see the tutorial part. There are many sites with instructions on the web - just search for t-shirts into totes and you will get many hits. There are several variations of how to make them.


I took an envelope punchboard class with Karen at Palette & Paper, which is located in Fortville. 

We made a lined envelope, a larger envelope to hold stationery, boxes, ribbons, an index card holder, a bookmark and a little envelope that holds candy. I found that business cards fit into the little envelope too. 


I'm enjoying making things for my Etsy Shop.

I completed writing in my Birdsong journal I made for my recent art retreat.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jolene of With A Little Help From My Friends blog, sent me this photo of the graduation banner I made for her. Thank you Jolene for sharing this with me. So glad your son had a fabulous graduation party!

Well, that's my June happy list!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!


  1. Patty, Your husband looks like my dentist..Dr. Mike. :):) Glad you had your daughter there for father's day. You are the craftiest girl. Love those totes and your paper things are just beautiful. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hello from Spain: Happy Father's Day. In my country we celebrate this day on 19 March. Lovely shops. We keep in touch

  3. I am glad you had or Dan had a Happy Father's Day. I love the little sundress, how cute. I have seen the t-shirt bags around here too. Another cute idea I have seen people do with old t-shirts is make them into a quilt.

  4. Great round-up, Patty! I love making envelopes, but I'm not familiar with envelope punch boards. I think it's awesome that you can enjoy your daughter's dog (do you call him your "granddog?") after being afraid of dogs for so long!

  5. What a happy happy list.

    I love all of the fun stuff you have been making.

    I do not have any time to be creative for myself - everything is for the wedding in 3 weeks. I finished decorating a ladder which will be part of the decor and now I just have to finish a few chalkboards. I am giving myself until Wednesday. I don't want to be working on any wedding stuff in July - just thinking about the fun of it all.


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